Nick Aldis is one of the best wrestlers in the world that is not under contract with the WWE but rather doing it his way.

The NWA World Heavyweight Champion, who first made his name known as Magnus while in TNA, was recently interviewed by Interactive Wrestling Radio where he talked about various topics including the reason that he’s not currently in the WWE.

“If I had a dollar for every time I was asked why I’m not in the WWE, I’d never have to wrestle again. For different bulls–t political reasons and for different personal reasons, they won’t give me an opportunity there.”

Aldis is slated to face Cody Rhodes on September 1, 2018 at the Sears Centre in Chicago, Illinois for the All In event. When asked about, he noted that it’s so crazy where everything has gone as he brought up the point that he’s under contract with the NWA and is showing up and working ROH events.

He noted that ROH, NJPW, and NWA are all working together and it’s great because he believes that there have been so many missed opportunities where greedy promoters in the past didn’t have the foresight to make a money match.

Aldis would later go onto say, “My generation said, ‘No, it can happen and we’re going to make it happen.’ The beauty of guys like Cody, the Bucks, Marty Scurll, myself… All these guys like Pentagon all over the world who’s brands are making their own opportunities. Also, the promoters and producers that have the progressive mindset that is what needs to happen to move the business forward but also aren’t crippled by their egos where they couldn’t bare to admit that it wasn’t their idea.”