The passing of former WWE Tag Team Champion Brian Christopher (Grandmaster Sexay) has hit the professional wrestling world pretty hard.

One man who felt the affects of Christopher’s passing rather personally, was WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross. “JR” served alongside Christopher’s father, Jerry “The King” Lawler, as the commentary duo for Monday Night RAW for several years.
Ross On Christopher’s Passing

He offered his thoughts on the matter in a recent episode of his podcast, The Ross Report. Ross doesn’t quite understand why Christopher was being held in solitary confinement. Christopher was only being held for a DUI charge:

“I never quite understood the reason for that,” said Ross. “I understand getting incarcerated for a DUI, or any other crime, I get that.

“But, in the solitary confinement? Unless you’re gonna say that it was for his own protection, I don’t know.”

Ross then put over Christopher’s in-ring skills and also joked about hinting on WWE TV that Grandmaster Sexay was in fact Lawler’s son:

“I loved calling his matches with the King during the Attitude Era, as many as already remarked on social media,” said Ross.

“Because I always had fun hinting that ‘Grandmaster Sexay’ was the King’s son. Good ole days, right? Good ole days.”