Sytch is scheduled to appear before a judge on 8/23/18 in Carbon County, PA. Sytch is no stranger to breaking the law and will face the consequences of her actions.

Originally, Sytch was incarcerated in New Jersey but was transferred to PA due to the charges and not completing her parole in PA.

Sytch has three separate charges in PA.

5/30/15 Sytch was heavily intoxicated at a Wal Mart in Mahoning Township, PA. She had a BAC of 0.25% at the time of her arrest.

6/1/15 Sytch was pulled over in Leighton, PA for driving under the influence, failing to stop at certain lanes and had open containers of alcohol in her vehicle. She had a BAC of 0.3%.

6/20/15 Sytch is charged this for crashing into a ditch. Sytch claimed the gps instructed her to make “a sudden turn” but did reeked of alcohol when making the statement. She refused to take a breathalyzer because she was “hurt” by the accident.

Sytch was sentenced to five years of prison but was given the choice to attend rehab(which was sponsored by the WWE) and attend 200 hours of community service and was to report to her parole officer.

Sytch violated her parole by getting arrested in New Jersey earlier this year, and not completing her parole.
The Verdict

PA police reports are stating that the court is ruling to deny Sytch any more parole or rehab and could face up to five years in prison for DUI arrests and other charges.