Jerry Lawler released a “Dinner with the King” podcast today. Although he wouldn’t say much on the topic, Lawler has doubts his son killed himself.

Lawler has previously mentioned he has been asked not to talk about the case by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. He has, however, stated that his family’s been contacted by some within the prison who do not believe Christopher killed himself.

“There’s more to this than we can really talk about now,” Lawler said. “A lot of people have expressed, as I have, doubts as to whether Brian actually did commit suicide.”

An investigation is currently ongoing into Brian Christopher’s death.

“We’ve been contacted by inmates that were in the jail with Brian who said they don’t believe what was told is exactly what happened,” Lawler said.

Lawyers for the family have said they are hoping to obtain security footage from within the jail. The Sheriff’s department has said Christopher was not in solitary confinement but rather placed in a cell by himself for his own protection.

“I probably shouldn’t say anymore,” Lawler continued. “This investigation is going to be on-going and it may take a long time to get this all sorted out,” he continued.

Jerry Lawler wrestled James Ellsworth on Sunday at a USA Wrestling show. He made his entrance while wearing Christopher’s “Grand Master Sexay” vest in tribute to his late son.