New Japan Pro Wrestling released new guidelines for wrestlers yesterday. The promotion is looking to reduce the amount of English-language swearing and obscene gestures seen on their shows.

Despite this, there was still much swearing and obscene gestures present in yesterday’s show. Juice Robinson in particular, swore several times during his match and Tama Tonga gave the middle-finger to the camera on his way to the ring. Tonga does seem to have relaxed his disdain for trolls on Twitter, however.

“Those who have been swearing in English in their promos were privately spoken to and asked as best they can to clean up their promos,” Dave Meltzer wrote in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. “All the wrestlers were told this week to not swear or try not to offend people on social media.”

— 'Bad Boy' Tama Tonga (@Tama_Tonga) August 5, 2018

At yesterday’s show, Tama Tonga defeated Kota Ibushi after repeated interference. Kenny Omega attempted to stop the Firing Squad beatdown of his partner but got beaten up himself for his troubles.

The Firing Squad then interfered in Omega’s match with Yano. The actions of Tama Tonga and company caused the IWGP Heavyweight Champion to lose just his 2nd match of the tournament.

Swearing, littering, disrespecting the big dawg… I can possibly forgive all of those. But come on, don’t ruin my once a year Yano vs Kenny Omega match!!! #g128

— Kenny Omega (@KennyOmegamanX) August 9, 2018

Kenny Omega now has a 2-1 record against Toru Yano in the G1.

Who’s asking for your forgiveness? Your nose is getting mighty brown from the ‘big dawgs’ ass. Trust me, I made your match a ???????????????? . Good luck fighting your boyf….lov…partn…whatever that is.

— 'Bad Boy' Tama Tonga (@Tama_Tonga) August 9, 2018