UFC president Dana White admits things haven’t been as smooth in the process to get Zuffa Boxing off the ground running.

White has never been shy in his desire to dive back in the world of boxing. Back in June, White teased a “ballsy move” for Zuffa Boxing. It turns out that White will at least have to wait a little longer before seeing that deal come to fruition.

During a recent appearance on UFC Unfiltered, White said things haven’t panned out the way he hoped:

“This is one of those things I said I’m going to put my toe in, I’m not diving in head first. We’re still working on stuff. A lot of things didn’t line up the way that I thought they would in the boxing world, when I said we’re about to make a ballsy move,” he continued. “The thing kind of took a left turn, so I wasn’t able to make an offer on that deal yet. But when that deal does happen, and when it comes, I’m going to jump in.”

Names such as Anthony Joshua and Mikey Garcia have popped up as potential names as part of that “ballsy move” for Zuffa Boxing. White denied that he ever made an offer to Joshua. On top of that, White called Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn “oversensitive.” As for Garcia, he still hasn’t decided on who he will sign with. Hearn has recently made him a new offer.