Despite the case being resolved back in 2016, Billy Corgan’s issues with IMPACT Wrestling still leave a sour taste in his mouth.

Corgan sued IMPACT Wrestling for unpaid loans of up to $1.8 million. The company failed to repay Corgan in a timely manner. Corgan became president of IMPACT in August of 2016 after brining in some much-needed money to the company.

Eventually, IMPACT decided to link up with Anthem Sports instead for their financial needs. Corgan tells Busted Open what happened to him was “borderline criminal”:

“The numbers are out there,” Corgan said. “I had put $1.8 million of my own cash into the company. There are literally where if I didn’t put the money in the company would have been shut down. There would be no Impact Wrestling today if I didn’t write a check on that particular day.

“What was weird to me was not only that I was being deceived in my estimation fraudulently, you know borderline criminal. In fact, I even talked to authorities whether there was criminality involved and there were differing opinions about actual criminality.

“Then once it went into more of a legal process because that was advised by attorneys the most likely way to recover my money which I ultimately did. What was even more shocking was watching people that you had considered only months before literally inventing stories out of whole cloth.

“I mean literally inventing situations and scenarios that didn’t happen. Then you start getting into like, ‘wow, I’m in a bad Vince Russo wrestling angle here, like, did Vince book this s–t?’ It was like ‘you’ve got to be kidding me,’ it was wacky world.”