On Saturday night, Impact Wrestling returned to Mississauga, ON for another One Night Only show. The show, “Bad Intentions, in conjunction with Destiny Wrestling featured a main event of Sami Callihan taking on Josh Alexander inside a steel cage.

Callihan hit Alexander with a trash can during the match, busting his opponent wide open the hard way.

@Walking_Weapon pic.twitter.com/Uy2dgsli1R

— Robert M Huntley (@r_huntley86) August 26, 2018

My heart, my drive & my love for professional wrestling carried me further than I ever thought possible tonight.
Sorry for the faint of heart in attendance. Nothing was going to stop me from getting my shot at the @DestinyWrestle championship!#CanadianStrongStyle #Respect ?? pic.twitter.com/yTTJsa6XRF

— Josh Alexander (@Walking_Weapon) August 26, 2018

Destiny Wrestling sent out a Tweet just to let fans know that Alexander is OK.

Please READ – a thank you to everyone for an amazing summer! @ScottDAmore @IMPACTWRESTLING @fightnet YOU the amazing fans and all the talent and a special thank you to @Walking_Weapon pic.twitter.com/c2CLODstT4

— Destiny Wrestling (@DestinyWrestle) August 26, 2018

“The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander is a 31-year-old Canadian independent wrestler. He’s well-regarded on the Canadian independent scene but unfortunately, you won’t find him performing anywhere else for a while. Visa problems are preventing him from traveling outside the country, limiting which promotions will book him.

Even after being sponsored by a promotion for a work Visa, Alexander was denied.

Got news today that after 6+ months & $3000+ my ?? work visa has been DENIED

The love I have for @AAWPro & @aawdannydaniels for sponsoring me is paramount.

Alas, it’s my destiny to put the ?? scene on the map!

If the ?? & ?? can be viable territories. Why not ??! pic.twitter.com/Pi4asGie1D

— Josh Alexander (@Walking_Weapon) August 22, 2018

Although Alexander has taken part in Impact tapings so far this year, he won’t be on either of the next two trips for the promotion.

First up for Impact in September is a trip to Manchester for the Wrestling MediaCon event. The promotion will air the event live on their Twitch channel.

Just 4 days after their show in Manchester, Impact is then off to Mexico. On September 13th and 14th, Impact will bring their TV tapings to Mexico City. Those tapings will be the final ones until Bound for Glory in October.