At TripleMania, El Hijo Del Fantasma lost his mask in the main event. The match featured four luchadors and guaranteed that one would lose their mask.

The rules were that all four would star inside a steel cage. After two luchadors had escaped, then the final two would have a single’s match. After Pentagon Jr. and Psycho Clown escaped the cage, the match came down to LA Park and El Hijo Del Fantasma.

While speculation had been that LA Park would lose his mask, it was the man known as King Cuerno in Lucha Underground who would drop the fall.

“Some guys in Mexico wear a mask because they’re told to, but it means more when it is passed down from the generation before you,” Fantasma said to Sports Illustrated recently. “Myself, like Rey Mysterio before me, I wear a mask because of my heritage. Rey Mysterio Sr. gave Rey Mysterio Jr. the mask, the name, and the legacy, and that is what happened with me.”

The popular luchador competes in Mexico as well as with Lucha Underground. Earlier this year, he wrestled several matches for Impact Wrestling. Its possible Impact brings him back when they head to Mexico City for their next set of television tapings.

Fantasma continued to say that Lucha Libre could do a better job of communicating to other wrestling fans about the importance of the mask in Mexico.

“We need to let the American audience know what the mask means because they already dig Lucha Libre. So we’re still in that process, which is a cultural part of Mexico City. It’s more than a sport, it’s a culture. Lucha Libre is in almost every house in Mexico all over the country.”