Killer Kross recently aligned with Impact World Champion Austin Aries. Moose joined the faction as well last week when he turned on his former ally, Eddie Edwards. The newly formed stable will be featured on tonight’s episode.

“My goals in Impact are very simple,” Kross said on today’s media call. “I want to hurt as many people as humanly possible in an expedited fashion. I’d like to become a household name in this business. I’d like to bring change to Impact Wrestling and as of right now, we are on course to do that.”

Kross was today’s guest on the Impact Wrestling media call. He spoke about his goals in Impact and influences in wrestling.
Killer Kross 2018 Rising Star Award

Kross won the 2018 Cauliflower Alley Club award as Rising Star of the Year. Konnan is a big supporter of his as well. He’s been kept strong in AAA and has gone undefeated over the last two years.

In May, Kross Tweeted out a list of the accolades he’s received already in his short career: #TickTock ???
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Cauliflower Alley Rising Star Award 2018
Breakout Luchador 2017
Favorite Wrestler Of 2016/17
2015/16/17 Wrestler Of The Year
Best Promos Of The Year 2014/15/16/17

— ?Killer Kross ???? (@realKILLERkross) May 3, 2018

Kross is now a featured performer for both Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling. He made his debut in LU when it was revealed he is worshipped by the Rabbit Tribe. In Impact, he made his debut by assaulting several people in the backstage area and now aligning with Austin Aries and Moose.
Killer Kross on the 4 Horsemen

As he is now the member of a newly formed faction, I asked Kross about the greatest stables in wrestling history. He made me assure him I did not work in law enforcement before he gave me an answer.

“I really enjoyed the 4 Horseman,” Kross said. “As did everyone. I enjoyed all the different groups of people that were there. It wasn’t necessarily a specific four. I thought Sid and Pillman were awesome. I even enjoyed Paul Roma being there.”

“Just the very concept of what they constructed in that time period was outstanding.”

He would continue to list Raven’s Flock and the Dangerous Alliance as other top factions.
Killer Kross on ECW

When Kross spoke of his influences in wrestling, he spoke fondly of ECW.

“I would say that Extreme Championship Wrestling to me versus other professional wrestling companies felt very organic, very carnal, and very violent,” he said.

Kross continued to say that every wrestler on the ECW roster is an influence of his but he specifically mentioned Brian Pillman, Bam Bam Bigelow, Taz, and Tommy Dreamer.

Kross made it to the semi-finals of House of Hardcore’s Twitch TV title tournament this spring.

“There was something very magnetic about that program which separated itself from the rest of the programs on television” – Killer Kross on ECW