Scarlett Bordeaux skipped her prom and went to an independent wrestling show in Chicago instead. It was an AAW show that some of her friends were into.

In her senior year of high school, Bordeaux says some of her friends were into going to independent wrestling shows. She didn’t know much about wrestling at the time, however.

“One day I was just like ‘can I just come with you guys?’ because I chose not to go to my prom,” Bordeaux said. “I was dating someone from out of state I was like ‘I can miss it it’s fine’. I decided to go to a wrestling show instead, it was AAW. I saw it, I loved it.”

Earlier this month Bordeaux turned some heads with her in-ring ability. In front of a packed Chicago crowd on Friday of All In weekend, Bordeaux delivered a Canadian Destroyer onto Trevor Lee.

Trained by Jimmy Jacobs and Truth Martini, Bordeaux is now a fixture on Impact Wrestling.

Over the last year, Bordeaux has wrestled in Japan for Stardom and in Mexico for AAA. I had the chance to ask her about her experiences wrestling in both cultures on today’s Impact Wrestling media call.

Bordeaux mentioned the two styles are completely different and communication with other performers could be difficult. She would continue to say, however, that wrestling across the globe has given her perspective on wrestling’s “universal language.”

“I’ve never done the lucha style before, I didn’t speak Spanish,” Bordeaux continued. “But wrestling – you kind of realize when you are traveling the world that it really is a universal language.”

She also mentioned India as a country she enjoys performing in.

“I’m excited to try going to England and Australia because I know those two are also very different,” she continued. “Every little thing adds to my arsenal and makes me a better performer slowly.”

Previously on Imact Wrestling, Scarlett Bordeaux gave career advice to KM and Fallah Bah that turned out quite well for them. She did the same for Joe Hendry and Grado recently.

This week on Impact, Grado and Hendry are planning to give the Smoke Show a gift to show their appreciation.

You can listen to the full Impact Wrestling media call below: