WWE Superstar Curt Hawkins recently did an interview on The Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast.

Hawkins discussed a wide range of topics; such as leaving WWE, life on the indies, returning to the company, and much more. One interesting topic of discussion was Hawkins’ current losing streak. The former Edge Head hasn’t won a match on WWE TV in quite some time.

His losing streak is well over 200 matches by now. It turns out, that streak almost ended not too long ago. Hawkins revealed he had to beg WWE writers not to end the streak. Initially, the plan was for him to defeat Heath Slater on an episode of Main Event.

Hawkins knew that would be irrelevant, and pleaded with the lead writer of RAW to ask Vince McMahon to allow him to lose instead:

“What really sparked it all was… there was some kind of online article or something that said, ‘Hey, Curt Hawkins just lost his 100th match in a row’. Where, I think like… and I’m not throwing a shot out there but I think most of my colleagues if they saw that about themselves they’d be like, ‘Man, that’s bulls**t’ and be upset about it.

“A bunch of people tweeted me this information and I was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s true, yes. Lets talk about it. I didn’t know what it could become, but I knew like why not embrace it and acknowledge it.

“There’s been times since that article where I was supposed to… I remember one time I was supposed to beat Heath Slater on Main Event and I went, ‘Oh, no’ – I said ‘no, no, please no, this could be something.’ There’s no sense in ending it on Main Event against Slater.” Hawkins said.

“I literally went to the head writer of RAW and said, ‘Please no, I can’t [lose my streak]’ and they were cool about it in the first place because it was more like, ‘Hey, good job. You get to win one tonight’ and I’m like oh God no, you don’t understand, and I remember that particular night, I was like, ‘Can I just run something by you…

“You guys[creative writers] are all aware of the streak?’ They say yeah and I go, ‘Does Vince know about it?’ They’re like, ‘Probably not’ – well can you please just tell him before he makes a decision tonight – I got out of it.”