While the viewership for this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw suffered a drop, the show was still able to hold up just fine considering the competition.

The Raw episode featuring the segment between Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns as the main event where Roman performed a Samoan drop on Strowman through the stage drew 2.740 million viewers.

This is down 4.6% from last week’s episode of the show which had the segment of the locker room heels beating down the Shield as the main event and had drawn 2.872 million viewers.

The first hour of the show drew 2.818 million viewers and the second hour drew 2.801 million viewers. In comparison, last week’s show had drawn 2.945 million and 2.933 million viewers in the respective hours.

The third hour of Raw was again the lowest watched hour of the Red Branded Show, and it drew 2.601 million viewers, down from last week’s 2.740 million.

While this was a significant drop from last week, considering the fact that Raw was up against two football games, the viewership was still better than what many were expecting.

The start of the football season also appears to be the reason why the company has announced the Undertaker’s appearance in advance this time and it’d be interesting to see how the show does with the Dead Man’s return next week.