Michael Chandler says Brent Primusí claims are bogus.

Chandler is the former Bellator lightweight champion. In fact, heís held the title twice. While many believed Chandler would be in for a long reign during his second run with the gold, disaster struck back in June 2017. Chandler lost his lightweight title to Primus due to an injury. Primus claims his calf kicks caused the damage, but Chandler begs to differ.

Now that Chandler has re-signed with Bellator, it paves the way for a rematch with Primus. The 155-pound title holder claims Chandler was offered the rematch, but turned it down. Speaking to Damon Martin, Chandler blasted Primus over the claim (via MMA Weekly):

ďHeís literally delusional. The funny thing is I donít have to say a thing. I sit there in silence and I let the fans rip him to shreds. Thatís the beauty of it. I see a comment that he made and itís been 24 or 48 hours and Iím just getting mention after mention after mention and mind you, I havenít said one thing to him, but itís hundreds of mentions of people just hopping on ripping the guy to shreds about how heís a part time fighter, heís fought eight times in eight years, he pulled out of the fight, heís a chump, heís a paper champ. Itís funny and itís an awesome experience because you donít even have to talk trash because the fans who know the sport just rip him to shreds. So I donít have to say a thing.Ē

Time will tell if Bellator decides to go with the rematch now that Chandler has re-signed and the promotion is set to begin their major deal with sports streaming provider DAZN. MMANews.com will keep you posted on whatís next for Chandler and Primus.