Eli Drake will remain with IMPACT Wrestling for the time being. Drake has been a professional wrestler since 2003. He worked the independent circuit before getting his shot in WWE in 2006. He worked with the professional wrestling juggernaut several times over the next eight years.

After being released from WWE in 2014, Drake again returned to the indies where he still competes today. In addition, Drake recently signed a contract extension with IMPACT Wrestling, who he joined back in 2015. During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc., Drake explained the decision behind opting to extend his deal with the promotion:

ďItís amazing. I had options, obviously, to do other things, but I like my lifestyle right now,Ē Drake said.

ďI like the idea of not being stuck in a warehouse five days a week. Thatís not a shot at anybody, thatís a fact of life, if you will. I just like my lifestyle living in L.A. I didnít want to move to any other state, I didnít want to go anywhere else.

ďAnd I like the freedom that I have to do what I do, be what I am and make the money that Iím making. So everything is pretty good in my book and in my world, so itís A-OK to stay with Impact.Ē

WWE did show interest in signing Drake earlier this year, however, IMPACT presented a more favorable offer. Drake likes the lighter schedule IMPACT offers him, as opposed to the grueling travel responsibilities in WWE. In regards to a possible WWE return sometime down the road, hereís what Drake had to say:

ďI donít know, and the reason I donít know is Iíve had a strange crossroads with this business over the last couple of years,Ē Drake said.

ďItís changed a lot, it doesnít feel like the same business I fell in love with 20-30 years ago. But thatís not to say that I canít still do my own thing my own way, thatís exactly what Iíve always done and thatís what Iíll continue to do.

ďBut wrestling has changed in a lot of ways and not for the better, in my opinion Ė but again, if I could continue doing my thing then who knows? Weíll see what happens, and if I feel like I want to continue doing that at a much more exaggerated pace, as far as the schedule and what not.Ē