As the winner of the G1 Climax 28, Hiroshi Tanahashi is currently in position to challenge Kenny Omega for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship at WrestleKingdom next year. Things could change, however, as Tanahashi will have to defend the G1 briefcase against Kazuchika Okada on Sunday.

Tanahashi recently offered a negative critique of Kenny Omega’s wrestling style to the media. “Kenny’s wrestling is like watching a movie with no Kishotenketsu (dramatic arc of traditional Japanese narratives),” Tanahashi said.

Omega has since responded to Tanahashi’s comments through Twitter.

“Strange accusation to make considering I’ve won more MOTY awards than Tana’s had hair transplant surgeries. Can’t wait for Tana vs Okada 71! I swear watching the same recycled match will be just as good in even slower motion!”

“Rough day at the office today… All 10 of Tana’s foreign fans took to Twitter to say mean things to me. Rumor has it they even posted stuff on Reddit too…I’ll be okay guys, I swear.”