Gedo turned on longtime charge Kazuchika Okada In the aftermath of New Japan’s Destruction in Kobe show, aligning himself with ‘Switchblade’ Jay White.

The groundwork for this turn was laid last month after the G1 Climax tournament, when Okada announced that Gedo would no longer accompany him to the ring.

At first, many saw this as just the logical evolution of Okada’s character. As it turns out, it would have more to do with the ongoing storyline centered around dissension within the CHAOS faction.

Okada battled Hiroshi Tanahashi in the main event at Destruction in Kobe, with the right to face the IWGP Heavyweight Champion at Wrestle Kingdom 13 at stake. After a grueling 35 minute classic, Tanahashi pinned Okada.

Switchblade Jay White ran in and first attacked Tanahashi, but then turned his attention to Okada. White laid into Okada with stomps and strikes, then went to the English announce desk, where he confronted CHAOS stablemate Rocky Romero. After Romero refused to give up his chair, White tossed him aside, and took the chair anyway.

YOSHI-HASHI ran down to make the save for Okada, but White hit him with the chair. Gedo then entered. He took the chair from White, only to hit Okada in the back with it. He proceeded to cut a promo on Okada, calling him a loser. This aligned him with White, and cemented the turn.

Gedo then announced that White will soon face Tanahashi with the title shot up for grabs.

The state of the CHAOS stable has been in question for months, perhaps even as far back as January. White joined the stable after the Wrestle Kingdom Tokyo Dome show, but always seemed like an odd fit. CHAOS was by and large a group that played by the rules, while White played more of a heel.

White continued to splinter the group for the next several months. During the G1 Climax events, he would often team with YOH, but would leave his teammate to do most of the heavy lifting in their matches, and encouraged him to break rules.