This past Sunday at New Japan’s Destruction in Kobe saw the derailment of one of NJPW’s longest running factions. When Jay White attacked Kazuchika Okada it sent shockwaves through the CHAOS stable and even saw Okada’s former manager Gedo align with the ‘Switchblade’ Jay White.

New Japan has released an official translation on their YouTube channel of Gedo’s comments following the attack; “Did you two finish fighting yet? No matter which one of you won, neither of you deserves to be main-eventing the Tokyo Dome. You guys both lost to Jay White, you both are just losers. Gedo then grabbed the IWGP Heavyweight Championship contract briefcase and stated “This briefcase (the IWGP January 4th contract) truly belongs to the ‘Switchblade’ Jay White. Breathe with the Switchblade, New Era…coming soon.”

Jay White then appeared backstage to make the following comments in a backstage promo: “Okada, I told you. The day after New Year’s Dash when you brought me into CHAOS that I would come for you. What did you do? You laughed. You laughed at me and you laughed me off like I’m not a serious threat to you. Tell me Okada…are you laughing now? DO YOU STILL THINK THAT I’M NOT A THREAT to you and everything that you have accomplished? Everything that you have now do you still think that I’m not a threat to that? White then began to reference their G1 Climax bout in which the ‘Switchblade’ defeated Okada. “Tell me, where you laughing at the G1 when I beat you? Doesn’t look like you’re laughing now. You aren’t going to be laughing when I take the briefcase from Tanahashi…something that you couldn’t just do, you won’t be laughing when I take the MAIN EVENT of Wrestle Kingdom. You won’t be laughing when I take the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.“