Brian Pillman Jr. recently took part in the new Hart Foundation’s attack on Kevin Sullivan. Pillman signed a multi-year deal with the promotion earlier this year. He has since aligned with Teddy Hart and Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Pillman was Chris Jericho’s guest on Talk is Jericho this week and spoke about being a “real person” before getting into the wrestling business. He said his famlly warned him about getting into wrestling and so he opted to get a more traditional job first.

“I was more or less led to believe by my Mother and family that (wrestling) was bad for me and it was going to do all this harm to me, and it killed my father and all that,” Pillman said. “Then you meet guys like Lance (Storm) and guys like you (Jericho) that it didn’t kill you, you’re still making a good living.”

Pillman then mentioned he felt he succeeded at being a normal person. He went to college and got a real job. It was only after his co-workers began getting annoyed at him for dropping double ax-handles while at work that he decided to change course.

“I was working on databases for car dealerships all around the Western Hemisphere,” Pillman described his real-world job.

“I kept going to the top of the cubicles and coming down on people with double ax-handles. They were like ‘look, you got to get out of here’,” he continued.

You can check out Pillman and the new Hart Foundation Friday nights on MLW Fusion. The show airs on BeIN Sports Friday nights and is posted to YouTube Saturdays at 6 PM.