GWF Revolution 9 2018 PPV 720p WEB H264-4FuN [Women's Wrestling]

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[RELEASED]: 05.10.2018

[AIR DATUM]: 08.09.2018 

[SIZE]: 1.72 GB 

[RUNTIME]: 1h 42Min. 



[RESOLUTION]: 1280 x 720 @ 25 FPS 

[VIDEO]: AVC @ 2262 kbps 

[AUDIO]: aac @ 126 kbps

1: English

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At GWF Revolution 9: Let The Hunt Begin we will start the search for a new challenger to the GWF Women  s Title.

Three first round matches. One triple threat in the finals just as we did two years ago when we had the first Revolution show.


#1-Contender Tournament (GWF Women  s Title), Round #1

Lady Valkyrie vs. Nightshade

#1-Contender Tournament (GWF Women  s Title), Round #1

Alpha Female vs. Wesna

#1-Contender Tournament (GWF Women  s Title), Round #1

Laura Di Matteo vs. Skye Smitson

Loser Leaves GWF Match (Special Referee: Vincenzo Coccotti)

Audrey Bride vs. Melanie Gray

Blue Nikita & Cem Kaplan vs. Circle of Justice (Kati Libra & Felix Weber)

GWF Women  s Title Match

Ayesha Raymond vs. Katey Harvey (c)

#1-Contender Tournament (GWF Women  s Title), Final    3-Way Match