Austin Aries and Johnny Impact will face each other for the Impact World Championship in 8 days at Bound For Glory. They took some time to build up their feud today through social media and they were not holding anything back. In fact, it’s not altogether clear things didn’t just get intensely “real” between the two.

Johnny got things started by taking a stab at Aries’ height:

When does anyone not stand tall over @AustinAries?? ? @IMPACTWRESTLING @TheMooseNation @realKILLERkross @TheEddieEdwards @TheTayaValkyrie @MrsAIPAlisha @The_Prince_P #Kenny

— John Morrison (@TheRealMorrison) October 5, 2018

Aries took offense to the “short shaming” and offered up some negative comments of his own. He referred to Taya Valkyrie (Johnny’s wife) as “husky” and also made other disparaging comments.

Ahh, the form of discrimination that’s still super cool: Short Shaming.

If I joked race, retards, your gay look…if I fat shamed your husky wife, INSTANT OUTRAGE!!
But you can predictably cut on me over my height, genetics I don’t control, and it’s just FUNNY! #BoundForGlory

— Austin Aries (@AustinAries) October 6, 201

This obviously did not go over well with Hennigan:

I don’t know what’s more inappropriate, your homophobic shot at my tights or you fat shaming a woman who trains everyday like an athlete. But I know what pisses me off. You insulting my wife. Congrats bro, you took my mind off the title. All I want to do now is fuck you up

— John Morrison (@TheRealMorrison) October 6, 2018

Johnny’s wife, Taya Valkyrie, offered her own insights:

I would rather be “husky” than a little bitch. Your tweet speaks volumes about your character and who you really are. Glad the world is seeing the real you “Austin”

— Lucha Royalty (@TheTayaValkyrie) October 6, 2018

Little bitch? Wait, did I call you names or even say there’s anything wrong with being husky? Isn’t that even the in thing now…booty building and thickness? For me, despite being vegan, I’ve always liked a little extra meat on the bone. I now know you feel differently “Taya”

— Austin Aries (@AustinAries) October 6, 2018

Due to the nature of the wrestling business, it’s not easy to determine how much of what is written above was real and how much was in an effort to build up their match at Bound For Glory. It’s possible it started as a way to build up the match and was taken too far. On the other hand, it’s possible everything written above was a work. Then again, on a rare 3rd hand, it could be that everything happened organically in this situation.

Taya and Aries each offered closing thoughts on the matter yesterday:

Don’t worry about me…after years of this kinda stuff you grow a very veryyyyyy thick skin. I’m human, but I’m also Taya…..and I won’t let anyone ruin or I should say try to ruin what I’ve worked so hard for. It’s really a shame that some ppl are still so hateful. Adios haters

— Lucha Royalty (@TheTayaValkyrie) October 6, 2018

If I’ve learned anything in the last few hours, it’s that 99% of the world is amazing…it’s that 1% that’s always got to try and ruin everything. Well..SURPRISE!!!! Nothing will be ruined because a few little bitches that can’t seem to crawl out from their mothers basement

— Lucha Royalty (@TheTayaValkyrie) October 6, 2018

You absolutely have every right to feel totally offended.

I have absolutely every right to feel you’re totally ridiculous and hypocritical.#TheTruth

— Austin Aries (@AustinAries) October 6, 2018

Taya will face Tessa Blanchard at Bound For Glory. The Knockouts Championship will be on the line as well.