Dolph Ziggler recently opened up on the dealings with WWE creative and if he has ever considered leaving the company while on the CBS Sportsí In This Corner podcast with Brian Campbell.

The current WWE RAW Tag Team Champion stated that no matter what situation that a star finds themselves, whether that be in the middle of something huge or you become world champion, the moment itís not about you and not making these great gains because of something out of your hands then you shouldnít be in this business. He brought up other examples whether that means the fans turned on you or youíre not the world champion, or you donít like what WWE creative has given you, the talent must push forward.

Ziggler also talked about through all of his ups and downs while being in the company if he ever considered walking away. He brought up how he hasnít gone away in 13 years, which he thinks is pretty ridiculous. He believed that he needed to do that and even asked for it but was declined by WWE management.

However, over the past two years, he kept asking and was finally told yes. Ziggler stated that he can assure the fans that every Monday for RAW, heís talking to the boss [WWE Chairman Vince McMahon] about how to make the product better. ď[Fans gets on me] for teasing that Iíll be leaving, but it might be soon or it might be never.Ē