Former WWE Superstar Tenille Dashwood (aka Emma) has made it known to the wrestling world that she suffers from a skin condition. Her auto-immune disorder has kept her from competing on the indy circuit earlier this year. She is currently on the shelf with a shoulder injury as well.

First-time news about her condition can be read here.

Dashwood took the time to post to social media in regards to the nature of her condition and how she is coping.

L I F E #WorldPsoriasisDay #psoriasis #autoimmunedisease for more info.

— TENILLE DASHWOOD (@TenilleDashwood) October 31, 2018

Dashwood currently competes in Ring of Honor’s WOH division. She lost a title match to Sumai Sakai recently in which her shoulder injury played heavy into the story they told.

In August, she posted the following comments in regards to her condition:

“I’m still trying to deal with it now, unfortunately. It’s not an easy fix,” Dashwood said. “But I guess I had like a realization a couple months ago when this all kind of starting coming on again and knowing that I’ve been through it before, and all that I’ve been through in my career.”

“I know that people go through a lot worse than I am, so it’s just kind of a way to say, ‘Hey, I’m human and there’s more people out there going through these really hard times,'” she added. “You know, that’s life and we all go through it, and life isn’t basically as amazing as what you might see on social media, unfortunately.”