The Young Bucks dropped the first ever Halloween special of Being The Elite and as expected, the group continued to play out the various stories that have been heard about their future.

The episode, which was shot entirely on the Jericho Cruise started with all the members of the Elite sitting together and telling scary stories for the special episode.

Cody was the first and he started telling the story of an independent contractor with no healthcare who has to be on the road for more than 250 days a year but the story was too scary for everyone so he had to stop.

Matt Jackson then took the role and he started telling a story about a ship hijacked by aliens with Adam Hangman Page being his center character.

Page spends some time figuring out what’s going on in the ship and during the time we see that Marty Scurll has been attacked by the creatures.

Once he figures it out, Adam tries to fight off the aliens but he fails. He then decides to blow the whole ship up by shooting its fuel tank with a gun.

After this, they play with the report of Hangman Page being offered a WWE contract and the story ends with a big twist. You can check out the latest episode of Being The Elite below: