Justin Gaethje isnít exactly happy with his current situation.

It may be puzzling to some hearing that Gaethje is disgruntled. After all, he took part in three ďFight of the YearĒ worthy bouts in a row. He also earned a first-round knockout victory over James Vick in his last outing. Heís also earned at least one bonus in all of his UFC bouts.

Gaethje has been calling for a bout with Al Iaquinta, but isnít holding his breath. Itís tough on Gaethje as he hasnít competed since August. He recently told ESPN that heís fed up:

ďIím fóing pissed, man. Iím pissed about a lot of things. Iíve been involved in Fight of the Year the last two years, and thatís all fóing cool and it sounds good to fans, but I donít get a damn thing for that. Itís bullsó. NFL players get bonuses for sacks, completions, rushing yards, whatever. I go out and put it on the line like I do, and I pretty much get só on.Ē

With Iaquinta seemingly out the window, Gaethje has his sights set on another 155-pounder:

ďBarboza is up there. Heís a scary fight, but I like being scared. And thatís a fight that me, as a fan, would want to see. I know how much fans would love something like that. So, Iíll go out there and try to finish that dude with leg kicks. Iím trying to create a legacy, and you donít create a legacy by bó-ing. Iíll fight the next in line. Whoever they send me a contract for, Iíll fight him.Ē