At this point, itís no real secret that WWE wants to debut NXT Superstar Lars Sullivan in a major way. The company have been playing hype videos on both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live for months in anticipation of his debut.

If, however, you feel that itís taking a while for Lars to debut, that can be attributed to WWE showing his videos earlier than initially planned.

According to Wrestling Observer Live, these vignettes were scheduled for December. Vince McMahon decided to broadcast them in November instead.

ďThe big video package for Lars was going to be at the December pay-per-view [TLC] and Vince just decided Ďweíll do it a month early, letís do it at Survivor Series.í

So the whole time, they were going to do the whole deal where Raw wants him and SmackDown wants him, and then eventually he would make his decision. That was always scheduled to be in January so when they announced it in November, there were no imminent plans to call him up immediately.Ē