Kota Ibushi took part in a hellacious match against Will Ospreay at this past week’s Wrestle Kingdom event. Opening the show in the Tokyo Dome. Near the end of the bout Ibushi took a patented and violent elbow from Ospreay which many believed may have caused a concussion.

The actual ‘sell’ of the move was all part of the story, however Ibushi did actually suffer from a concussion. Earlier in the bout Ospreay hit a kick in the corner which caused the minor concussion, this lead to Ibushi being taken out on a stretcher. The stretcher spot was used to write off Ibushi from the upcoming tour. Ospreay will be unable to appear on the latest tour due to his WoS/World of Sport commitments, so this should hopefully lead to a further program between the two later down the line.

According to the Wrestling Observer things could’ve been much worse still. Ibushi suffered from an eye injury that was originally believed to be a detached retina. It appears as though this isn’t the case and whilst he is not 100% he is recovering and expected to be training again within the next few days.