Clay Guida is not writing off B.J. Penn just yet, regardless of what the outside world and Pennís recent win-loss record might say.

At UFC 237, Clay Guida and B.J. Penn will meet in a bout between two long-time veterans of the Octagon. One glaring difference between the current career trajectories of the two mainstays is that while Clay Guida has won two of his last three fights, B.J. Penn has lost six consecutive times, with his last victory coming in 2010. When these numbers were provided to Guida, his reaction was incredulity:

ďA close friend of mine whoís a huge fight fan, heís very knowledgeable about the sport, and I couldnít believe it when he said that itís been 2010 since he won a fight,Ē Guida said in a recent edition of The MMA Hour. ďSo I mean, itís kind of hard to believe that. Itís hard to think that a guy who was a former two-time champion at lightweight and welterweight hasnít won a fight in nine-plus years. Itís pretty incredible.Ē

Although many people would not consider a victory over B.J. Penn at this stage of Pennís career meaningful, Clay Guida did not hesitate at the opportunity of sharing the Octagon with the legend and does not feel that itís his place or anyone else to tell B.J. Penn when it is time to call it quits.

ďBut getting in the cage with someone like B.J. Penn, itís an opportunity you canít turn down. Heís the only one, and his camp and his family are the only ones to say if he should be competing or not. So thatís totally up to him. Iím not in a position to say that. So Iím accepting the fight, and weíre gonna put on a show for the fans.Ē