While former World Champion Jack Swagger has found a new career path in MMA since leaving WWE, a wrestling return never really seems to be out of question.

Considering the fact that he is good friends with the likes of Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega, a lot of people wonder if he could show up at AEW at any point.

During a recent interview, the former Champion was asked if he has had any talks with the company.

Answering it, Swagger said that while he has maintained communication with his friends there, they havenít really had any talks in a professional capacity:

ďIím very good friends with a lot of those guys: Chris [Jericho] and Cody and Iíve met the Bucks, Itís crazy Ė Kenny Omega was at Deep South Wrestling in 2006 with me unsigned by WWE. I talk to them sporadically. We havenít brought [me working with AEW] up so far. Itís just been congratulations, patting each other on the back type deal.Ē

These comments from the former WWE Star confirm that the newly founded company has no immediate interest in bringing Jack Swagger in for a show.

However, this also means that the doors are open and it shouldnít be a surprise if Swagger is presented with an offer by the company Officials somewhere down the line.