Elias didnít wrestle in a match at last yearís WrestleMania and so far there is no news of a bout being planned for the former NXT Star for this yearís edition of the show either.

However even though he isnít advertised for a match, the Drifter has his eyes set on two of the biggest stars of the company and he is hoping to face one of them at the show.

During a recent interview with WrestleZone, Elias was asked who he would like to face at the upcoming PPV and he answered with the names of Undertaker and John Cena:

ďAt Wrestlemania, Iíd love to wrestle John Cena; Iíve got a lot of issues with that guy. Iíve got issues with The Undertaker; Iíd love to take The Undertaker out. I think ĎThe Living Truth vs. The Dead Maní is a great story right there. Those are two guys I have in my sights right now, and one way or another Iíd like to get a hold of them right now.Ē

Itís interesting to note here that Elias was involved in the Undertaker- John Cena segment at last yearís WrestleMania 34 event. He confronted Cena who was hoping to wrestle Taker.

These two had a brief exchange and The Dead Man appeared only after Cena delivered a beatdown to the Raw Star and was making his way to the backstage area.