Eli Drake is no longer a member of the Impact Wrestling roster. The promotion announced today that they terminated their working relationship with the former Impact world champion.

“Impact Wrestling announced today that it has terminated its relationship with Shaun Ricker, known as ‘Eli Drake’,” an Impact press release reads.

His contract was expected to expire at the end of May regardless.

Drake caused some headlines on Twitter recently when he made his position against inter-gender wrestling clear. He was also removed from a planned inter-gender match against Tessa Blanchard at United We Stand, eventually being replaced by Joey Ryan.

You couldn’t have hit the nail more directly on the head.

I have amazing respect for @IMPACTWRESTLING and @Tess_Blanchard and can see that she is likely the greatest female talent in wrestling today.

Although that said, I will not participate in a one on one intergender match.

— Eli Drake (@TheEliDrake) February 22, 2019

There have also been recent reports that Drake has drawn interest from WWE. Drake commented on those rumors recently during an appearance on the Wrestling Perspectives podcast.

“I looked at [the rumor that WWE was interested in Eli Drake], and I’m like, ‘Well, nobody’s contacted me! So, what’s the source?’” Drake joked. “I mean, I’ve talked to people there that I’m friendly with, or, whatever, certain coaches that I’m friendly with and stuff like that. Definitely, people have been like, ‘I think you would do well here,’ but nobody has overtly made me an offer. There was nothing like that.”

Drake and partner Eddie Edwards were victorious in the main event of Impact Wrestling on Friday night, defeating LAX after interference from the Lucha Bros.