Becky Lynch was the hottest talent at the time of Survivor Series last year and the path from there to the first ever Women’s WrestleMania main event looked clear.

However, there were road bumps waiting for the Man in this journey and their story cooled down a lot as WWE tried to figure out a way to add Charlotte Flair to this bout in the months leading to the show.

On the same time, Kofi Kingston somehow found himself in the middle of one the most appealing storylines leading to the Show Of Shows we have seen in years.

And as it turns out, Lynch who had worked very hard to create this opportunity for her, feared that the spot might be taken away from the women by the New Day Member. As she told The National:

“I was worried about it slipping away. Just because the build to the match had been so long that I was worried with Kofi heating up as much as he did, and them referring to several of the matches as the main event. Then I was like, ‘Oh, but are we the main event? But maybe they … I mean, they really should, but maybe they won’t.’ Because you never know in this place, which is a great thing but also a bad thing and a terrifying thing, especially when you’re trying to achieve all of your dreams.”

Thankfully this was one match which wasn’t affected with the last minute changes to the match order of the show and Becky Lynch, alongside Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair successfully became part of the first ever Women’s Main Event of the PPV.