A push to change the words of the Australian national anthem to alter the line “we are young and free’’ is gaining momentum amid 9 players at State of Origin last night, in a respectful way, boycotting the song by not singing. The Indigenous people of Australia have an issue with the word "young" as they have been on this continent for 80,000 years. Fair enough. Geez, If it brings resolution to this situation and shows respect to the Indigenous people, just change it, it is only one word, "young." One word being thrown around as a replacement is "strong." 🇦🇺

Former QLD great Johnathan Thurston said before the anthem:

"Australia needs to be educated about its history, we have come a long way from where we were but we have a long way to go."

Indigenous rapper Briggs, who performed before the State of Origin last night made a funny comment:

"... and as for young, we’ve been here for 80,000 years but I guess we don’t look a day over 60,000.” 😆