Former WWE and TNA wrestler Tyrus (FKA Brodus Clay) is no longer co-hosting “Un-PC” on Fox. According to a report from the Daily Beast, Tyrus was quietly removed from the position earlier this year due to sexual harassment allegations.

Tyrus is alleged to have sent several lewd text messages to Fox’s Britt McHenry, who is believed to have filed a claim against him with their employer.

Fox has released the following statement in regards to the matter:

“While we are not at liberty to discuss the details of any employee matter, we follow strict protocols when matters such as these are brought to our attention, and we make no exceptions. The process works because of the extensive systems and measures we have instituted. This situation was independently investigated and we consider the matter resolved. We respect the confidentiality of all involved.”

Tyrus had not appeared on the show since April but has appeared on Fox News programming since. His new show “Nuff Said” debuted on the network recently.

Tyrus’ last wrestling appearance was in December on a House of Hardcore show.

“He’s got a wild sense of humor, if we’re being generous,” one current female Fox employee said of Tyrus to the Daily Beast.

Reporter Jeremy Barr published a DM thread between himself and Tyrus relating to the allegations:

Tyrus told me he left "UN-PC" because he wanted to host his own show but then blocked me when I asked him if his departure was connected to Britt McHenry. If you know more, please reach out.

— Jeremy Barr (@jeremymbarr) June 4, 2019