CMLL President Paco Alonso has passed away at 67-years-old. Alonso had been President of the promotion since 1987 after taking over for his Uncle, Salvador “Chavo” Lutteroth Jr.

Francisco "Paco" Alonso has died. He's listed as president of CMLL but has been effectively the family member in charge of the promotion since the 90s.

— luchablog (@luchablog) July 7, 2019

LuchaBlog would also note that Alonso has been absent from public spotlight over the last couple of years. There had been no indication Alonso was ill, however.

Paco Alonso seemed to be generally liked by the luchadors, as much as a wrestling promoter is liked. He had a reputation for being hands off and hard to contract and not that interested in lucha, but there are stories of luchadors being closer to him the rep suggested.

— luchablog (@luchablog) July 8, 2019

Chris Jericho wrestled in CMLL during his early career. Jericho posted the following emotional message in remembrance of Alonso:

“I just heard that Paco Alonso, the President of CMLL in Mexico City passed away,” Jericho said in the video. “I don’t know why it hit me so hard but it did because he was the first guy that believed in me and made me into a main event star in 1993.”

Jericho also mentioned that Alonso gave him the name “Corazón de León,” which translates to “Lion Heart.”

“I don’t know what happened, I don’t know how he passed away but he was pretty young. I just wanted to say thanks Paco for believing in me, believing in this kid from Canada.”

CMLL wrestler Sam Adonis posted the following:

I can't believe this news! Sr Alonso took a chance on me and gave me the opportunity to become a star in Mexico and I will forever be grateful! I am honored to have worked for him and can not express enough sympathy for his family. Rest Easy Sr Paco Alonso

— Sam Adonis (@RealSamAdonis) July 8, 2019

ROH World Champion Matt Taven has wrestled extensively with CMLL in Mexico. He posted the following in response to the news:

This is awful news
I can’t thank Mr. Alonso enough for every opportunity he gave me.
Rest easy my friend.

— Matt Taven (@MattTaven) July 8, 2019