WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross serves as a senior adviser for AEW and has a ton of experience in the pro wrestling business. During a discussion with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin on the latest Steve Austin Show podcast, the two spoke about a wide range of topics including the lessons AEW must learn from WWE’s missteps.

For years now, WWE has used a booking practice that sees heels constantly get heat on a babyface. He pointed out that with Austin being a babyface, he had to deal with this back in his day.

According to Ross, with AEW promising to be an alternative to WWE, he thinks this is one move that AEW should stay clear of.

“I hope we never get in a pattern of this,” Ross mused. “Where Stone Cold gets the win, the heel assaults him and we say ‘We gotta get his heat back.’ Well, what did you do for Austin? ‘he got the win.’ Somewhere along the way, the logic has gotten completely muddled.”

Ross stated that they’re not even talking logic here but rather ignorant to think to the crowd is processing the information the same as the promotion. Ross thinks the face should get the win and get him out of the ring. Then, have the heel cut a promo or get upset. Ross added, "WWE does that a lot and I hope we don’t.”