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Thread: 80's Project

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    Default 80's Project

    Hi All,

    I'm back and I'm currently doing an old school wrestling project. I'm watching matches from 80's from territories I never watched. So I'll posting matches from the AWA, World Class, Portland, Memphis, & Mid South. So I'll start it off now:

    Mr Saito vs Curt Hennig-AWA 3/28/85- This is really good. Hennig was a terrific worker even in his early years

    Tito Santana/Rick Martel vs High Flyers-AWA 8/29/82. This match is fantastic. I bet most didn't realize that Santana & Martel were tag team partners in the AWA. During the 80's, Gagne/Brunzell were one of the best tag teams. Wait till you see Jim Brunzell's dropkick.

    The Fabulous Freebirds vs The Von Erichs-World Class 2/18/1983. This is a lumberjack match and it's wild. The crowd goes crazy for the Von Erich's.

    The Fabulous Freebirds vs The Von Erichs-World Class 7/4/84. This was a Badstreet match. Definitely worth going out of your way to see.

    Jerry Lawler vs Terry Funk-Memphis 3/23/81. This is no doubt my favorite Memphis match of all time.

    Jimmy Garvin vs Chris Adams-World Class 1/30/84

    Rick Rude vs Kerry Von Erich

    Ric Flair vs Kerry Von Erich- World Class 12/25/82- This is the match that spawned the Von Erich Freebirds feud.

    Mr Wrestling II/Magnum TA vs Butch Reed/Jim Neidhart-MidSouth 12/25/1983. A great match. In case you didn't realize Jim Neidhart worked for Bill Watts. Anyway enjoy the match.

    Buddy Landel/Butch Reeds vs The Rock N Roll Express-Midsouth 3/28/1984. Look how you Ricky Morton looks in this match. Another goodie.

    Ted Dibiase vs Jim Duggan-Mid South 3/8/85

    Terry Gordy vs Dr Death Steve Williams-Mid South 9/28/86. This is a hell of a match for Gordy's UWF Title.

    Owen Hart vs Jerry Morrow-Stampede Wrestling 1984. This is pretty good. Owen was very young in this match.

    Dynamite Kid vs Great Gama-Stampede Wrestling. Really good match. Dynamite Kid was a hell of a worker.

    Davey Boy Smith vs The Cobra-Stampede Wrestling 1980's. This was really a good match.

    Brian Pillman/Bruce Hart vs Rip Rogers/Kerry Brown-Stampede Wrestling 1980. Pillman/Bruce were known as Bad Company. Pillman was great when he was young.

    Playboy Buddy Rose vs Brett Sawyer-Portland Wrestling 2/13/82. Both are great here. One of my favorite matches from the Pacific Northwest.

    Jimmy Garvin/Terry Gordy vs David/Kevin Von Erich-World Class 8/15/83- David was truly the workhorse of the Von Erich boys.

    The Sheik vs Tiger Jeet Singh-Detroit Big Time Wrestling. This match was a cage match and took place in Canada.

    Bobo Brazil vs Michael Angelo-Detroit Big Time Wrestling-Brazil was a huge babyface.

    Bobo Brazil vs Killer Karl Kox-Detroit Big Time Wrestling. I've never seen much of Kox. I'm familiar with him but haven't seen many of his matches.

    Fabulous Ones vs The Moondogs=Memphis 5/2/83. This was a stretcher match and the blood flows like wine in it.

    Abdullah the Butcher vs Bobby Jaggers-Southwest Championship Wrestling. Bobby bleeds like a pig in this match.

    Rick Martel vs Nick Bockwinkel-AWA 7/19/85

    Nick Bockwinkel vs Hulk Hogan

    Ric Flair vs Kevin Von Erich-WOrld Class 4/1/83

    Harley Race vs Iceman King Parsons-World Class 10/7/83

    The Road Warriors vs The High Flyers-AWA 3/28/85. Gagne & Brunzell were one of the great teams of the 80s.

    The Fantastics vs Ted Dibiase/Steve Williams-Mid South. A really good match that show cases how great the Fantastics were as a team.

    The Fantastics vs Buzz Sawyer/Dick Slater-Mid South 10/27/85

    Ric Flair vs Jake Roberts-Mid South 11/24/85. This is proof that Jake Roberts wrestled other places than just WWF.

    Dick Murdoch vs Barry Windham-UWF 7/11/87. Windham was one of the great workers of the 80's.

    Magnum TA vs Ted Dibiase-Mid South 5/27/84. It's a shame Magnum had a short career. He was an excellent worker and no doubt would have carried the torch for the NWA.

    Nobuhiko Takada vs Akira Maeda-UWF 11/10/88. This is fantastic and these 2 guys beat the holy hell out of each other.

    Jumbo Tsuruta vs Genichiro Tenryu-All Japan Pro Wrestling 6/5/89-This match was ranked as the best All Japan match of the 80's.

    Curt Henning vs The Assassin-Portland Wrestling 7/9/83

    Curt Henning/Buddy Rose vs The Assassin/Dynamite Kid-Portland 10/29/83.

    Jumbo Tsuruta/Genichiro Tenryu vs Riki Choshu/Yoshiaki Yatsu-All Japan Pro Wrestling 1/28/86. This was fantastic. During this era, Riki Choshu and other wrestler's jumped ship from NJPW to AJPW.

    Ric Flair vs Jumbo Tsuruta-All Japan Pro Wrestling 6/8/83. This is one of my top 5 Ric Flair matches.

    Dory/Terry Funk vs Stan Hansen/Terry Gordy-All Japan Pro Wrestling 8/31/83. This match ruled.

    Stan Hansen/Genichiro Tenryu vs Jumbo Tsuruta/Yoshiaki Yatsu-All Japan Pro Wrestling. This match was OFF THE CHAIN.

    Stan Hansen/Genichiro Tenryu vs Giant Baba/Rusher Kimura-All Japan Wrestling 11/29/89. Another insanely good match.

    Stan Hansen/Ted Dibiase vs Riki Choshu/Yoshiaki Yatsu-NJPW 12/12/85

    Tiger Mask vs Dynamite Kid-NJPW 8/5/82. One of the greatest rivalries in wrestling.

    Kerry Von Erich vs Chris Adams-World Class 1/11/85. A really good match.

    Ric Flair vs Kerry Von Erich-World Class 5/6/84 This match was from the first Parade of Champions and the people went nuts for every move that Kerry made.

    Ric Flair vs Chris Adams-World Class 2/3/84. Adams was always one of my favorites growing up. A fantastic worker.

    The Fabulous Freebirds vs Kevin/Mike/Fritz Von Erich-World Class 5/6/84. This was also from the same show as Flair/Kerry. I don't think in the 80's nobody was over more than the Von Erich's.

    Stan Hansen vs Genichiro Tenryu-All Japan Wrestling 7/27/88. I liked this especially the blade job Tenryu did.

    Jumbo Tsuruta vs Nick Bockwinkel-All Japan Wrestling 2/23/84

    Ric Flair vs Koko B Ware-Memphis 11/18/85. This is good. Koko was a very underrated wrestler in Memphis.

    Bob Backlund vs Adrian Adonis-WWF 1/18/82

    Sgt Slaughter vs Iron Sheik-WWF 6/16/84. This was their famous Boot Camp Match

    Jumbo Tsuruta vs Jim Brunzell-AWA 3/15/84. Tsuruta teaches Brunzell a lesson in this match.

    Genichiro Tenryu vs Ricky Steamboat-AJPW 2/23/84. This is fantastic. One of my favorite Steamboat matches of all time.

    Ric Flair vs Rick Martel-AJPW 10/21/85 This was a classic match. Martel doesn't get the respect he deserves. In the 80s he was one of the best.

    Chigusa Nagayo vs Lioness Asuka-All Japan Women 2/26/87. Possibly one of the greatest Joshi Puro matches of all time.

    Jumbo Tsuruta vs Tiger Mask-AJPW 3/9/88. One of the greatest matches I've ever seen. A must watch!

    Owen Hart/Ben Bassarab vs Viet Cong Express-Stampede 9/6/86. Definitely the best match in the history of Stampede Wrestling. Owen was fantastic.
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