Anthony “Rumble” Johnson may be primed for a UFC return at heavyweight, but he’s willing to cut down to 205 pounds for a showdown with Jon Jones.

Back in late August, Johnson’s manager Ali Abdelaziz said that “Rumble” plans to make a comeback in the heavyweight division. Johnson still hasn’t reentered the USADA drug-testing pool, but he plans to do so soon. While Johnson would have to cut down to the 265-pound limit if he were booked for a heavyweight bout today, he says he’d return to light heavyweight for one man.

Johnson was a guest on Brendan Schaub’s Below The Belt podcast. During his appearance, Johnson said he’d cut down to light heavyweight to meet Jones.

“I’m gonna wait until I get about, lose about 10 more pounds, get to 235lbs. I wanna see how my body feels. Then if it feels good, then I’m going to probably make 205lbs,” Johnson said.

Johnson went on to explain why he’d be willing to put his body through the tough weight cut.

“We’ll make it happen if I get low enough. I’ll get to 205lbs. That’s a fight I wanted. I think Jon wanted that fight, too, before everything happened. That situation, which, it’s over with, it’s in the past,” Johnson said.

“When we see each other there’s no animosity, we show each other love. But that was a fight, that’s why I went up to 205lbs man. That’s the guy I want. And then you know, when I get my heartbroken, I have to fight Daniel Cormier, it’s not as motivating. The fight wasn’t in me to fight DC, but I fought him, kind of fought him, but it wasn’t the same drive.”