Konnan spoke about inter-gender wrestling on a recent episode of his “Keepin it 100” podcast. During his conversation with Disco Inferno, Konnan mentioned his former boss, the late Antonio Pena, was the first to present inter-gender wrestling and his influence is still felt on how Konnan books inter-gender bouts in Mexico today.

“The guy I worked for who was probably the best boss I ever had, one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met in this business, really a visionary cause he came up with the minis concept, he came up with so many things including the inter-gender match, which was Antonio Pena,” said Konnan “So when he first started, it was more like a special attraction, kind of comedy, type thing. The way I use it is you’ve got to be smart about your booking, you’ve got to put in the right woman with the right man because, in the beginning, the women couldn’t keep up with the men.”

Konnan would then say things have changed and now there are plenty of women who can keep up with the men in inter-gender matches.

“Right now there is a lot of women you can put in with men and they can have good matches but it has to be booked correctly so it looks real,” Konnan continued.

Konnan then gave the example of Sexy Star vs Big Ryck from Lucha Underground as an inter-gender match which didn’t look very good.

“At the end of the day, if booked correctly, you can do it,” Konnan concluded.

Konnan’s comments come in around the 4-minute mark of the below video: