There is still no clear timetable for the return of UFC strawweight Tatiana Suarez, despite her many efforts to return to competition.

During her UFC 238 bout against Nina Ansaroff, Tatiana Suarez experienced substantial pain in her neck, which partially immobilized her during the bout, and those neck issues have still not subsided to this day. In a recent interview, Suarez disclosed that she had cortisone and stem cell injections following the Ansaroff fight, but she still has not fully recovered. That said, Suarez did offer some good news on the status of her recovery as well:

For a while, (my neck) felt worse after the injection, and its probably because they put a needle inside my spine, Suarez told theScore recently. It felt horrible for a while, but its getting better.

Suarez went on to state that she will most likely receive a second MRI on her neck next month in order to determine if another cortisone shot is needed.

Say Im hitting mitts, and I do just one-arm stuff say I throw a combination and its all left-arm stuff. It starts dropping, and it becomes really, really fatigued way easier than my other hand, Suarez said. Thats kind of an indication that its not firing like its supposed to. And when I do my strength and conditioning, I notice a difference on the left side with my arms.

The worst-case scenario for Tatiana Suarez if additional cortisone shots do not work would be for the strawweight to undergo neck surgery. As she heals her neck on the sidelines, it is difficult for her to sit idly by and watch other strawweights jump ahead of her in the title queue, but that is no reason for her to return prematurely and put her long-term health at risk:

Of course, I want to get in there and fight, but I just think its not very wise to jump in because with this type of injury, if I hurt it again when nerves get agitated, its just horrible, Suarez said. I just dont want to re-aggravate it and start the healing process all over again.