All Elite Wrestlingís Dustin Rhodes has talked about finding the balance between his AEW duties and his interest in acting. Rhodes is not only an in-ring competitor for AEW, he also assists the company in a backstage role, helping talent with their promo work.

Speaking with Sportskeeda, Rhodes spoke about his long love of performing, whether itís for a TV show, movie or in the ring.

ď[Ö] itís juggling the two but itís a lot of fun and I love it, man, Iíve got to stay busy, I canít just sit down, Iíve got to keep moving,Ē Rhodes admitted. ďIn the acting area, I want to be considered a good actor. Itís great to be an action star and things like that, but I want to be known for acting because I really, really have a deep passion for it so I am giving it a shot. Iíve got a few under my belt.Ē

Rhodes credits his time and experience in the pro wrestling industry in helping him adjust to his passion for acting. He explained ď[Ö] the biggest advantage I think is time, and Iíve had a lot of time to craft the acting backstage in WWE or AEW with vignettes and promos I have a big leap and an advantage in that area because I know how stuff is shot, I know how production goes and what goes into it.Ē

He reflected on his time performing as Goldust, and the adaptability he had to develop as the character continued to evolve. Rhodes credited his time improvising in wrestling in helping him to develop skills that have successfully translated to his acting pursuits.