All Elite Wrestling’s Kenny Omega has addressed his recent travel issues to Japan. He was allegedly stopped from entering on three separate occasions. Reports at the time suggested that someone was trying to get him banned from the country for ten years. With Omega having left New Japan Pro-Wrestling in January, speculation was rife that the promotion had something to do with Omega’s difficulties, something they categorically denied.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Omega spoke about his recent travel woes. He noted how NJPW had nothing to do with them. He juxtaposed the fiasco he experienced with how close AEW talent is to management and backstage personnel.

“Us as EVPs, we’re wrestlers and we care about the boys and well-being of performers. At the end of the day, we don’t want to mess with anything that can affect the food that someone puts on their table. I don’t want to make anyone’s life miserable. A lot of people I work with now are people that we like and respect and I hope that there’s never a moment where I have to make a decision that would be considered evil by many. I can’t see it, but I would really have to look myself in the mirror if it ever came down to that. I would hope to God that it never comes to that.”

He continued, ”I think that’s how AEW benefits. We’re tied closely to the talent and it never gets too far away. Everything is really intimate with us. We’re always just a phone call or text message away. Things worked its way so far up the food chain in this New Japan fiasco where, it wasn’t even people in New Japan dealing with it. It’s a bunch of other people trying to make my life miserable. I don’t even think people there are cognizant of this stuff happening. I don’t think they’re even aware. But it’s grasping at straws, luckily.”

Although his AEW contract allegedly has a clause in it that permits him to work for NJPW, it is unknown if Omega will ever appear for the promotion again despite their recent statements.