Ring of Honor’s Angelina Love has shared her thoughts regarding the evolution of women’s wrestling in an interview with AfterBuzz TV. Reflecting on the start of her career, Love notes how most women backstage at the time were “guys girlfriends or strippers used for some random spot on the show” and not committed women dedicated to wrestling.

“[…] there wasn’t a lot of girls at that time that were actually working indies or coming in trying to establish or accomplish something in the business,” Angelina explained. “From the start of the Knockouts Division in ’07 and the Women’s Revolution – that kind of stuff. Women’s wrestling has just shot through the roof in the last two decades, which is so crazy to say.”

Love stressed that to continue succeeding, women just need to “keep pushing forward.” She noted how “This has always been a male-dominated business and there’s always more to be done. I wouldn’t know what to say specifically needs to be done, but you know, it’s a constant evolution. So we just need to keep evolving and keep the legitimacy of the business too… A long time ago, women’s matches were potty breaks and we don’t ever want to be that again.”

She added how she’s always wanting to prove people wrong, especially if they judge her solely on how she looks. Love explained how most people might assume she can’t wrestle because of her appearance, and that she’s always been about changing their preconceptions.