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Thread: HYPED!

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    Default HYPED!

    for Fight For Glory 14

    Message from EAM Management
    This is the first show in a series that EAM Promotion is going to produce. Think of it like a talk show, with guests, stories etc. But also with analysis etc. around upcoming matches with reference to historic matches etc. Hyped! will not be a weekly show, or even a monthly one, but will be a part of big events, like the big six.

    Scene opens in a pitch-black room. Then a source of light is lit from above, lighting up a small round area on the ground. Then we hear footsteps, and someone walks into the ring of light. A cable with a microphone is lowered down from the ceiling, and being catched by the person standing underneath. Then the lights in the whole room comes on and Miiiiiiiisteeeeeeeer Anderson!!! Then a long pause, and Aaaaaanderson.... Ken Anderson then drops the charades saying that doing that again felt nice, and brought back some memories. But he's not here to hog anyone's limelight. No, he is here to bring you the latest news and a deeper look into ongoing feuds and actions here in EAM Promotions. That's right, I am the host of EAM HYPED! And we have a couple of things to go trough before Fight For Glory kicks off this sunday, so let's get down to it! We get a vignette for this new show...

    As the show starts, we find ourselves in a studio with a desk for Ken Anderson, and some chairs around for his guest. It mostly resembles most talk-show studios. Anderson welcomes everyone to the first edition of HYPED! on the EAM Promotions network, and today they are going to talk about Fight For Glory 14, and go trough all the matches on the card. Speaking of the card for Fight For Glory, for those who's not already heard it, two more matches have been added to the PPV card, but we will be going trough them as well as all the others in a little while. But, I am not going to do that alone, because that would be boring. So let's welcome, EAM co-founder, long acting general manager of Jamboree, multiple times champion, that is having his retirement match this sunday at Fight For Glory; Christopher Daniels. The audience for this show is not big, but he gets a good cheer when he enters the stage and takes place in one of the chairs. Ken tell him it's nice having him here, then ask him if he is nervous for this upcoming sunday. Last match. That has to get the emotions running doesn't it? Daniels says offcourse it's emotional, but he has reached a point where he wants to try other things, and the wrestling business is full of young up and coming guys and girls. It's much better leaving the ring to them. Anderson then can reveal that the results of the poll that was put up on EAM's website is now closed and Daniel's opponent are chose. And he can tell that the fans really agreed on who his last opponent should be. But Ken won't reveal who it is before at the end of the show. He then asks Daniels who he hopes his opponent for Fight For Glory is. Daniels says that a couple of people comes to mind, but he is sure the fans have picked a worthy opponent for his last match. He on his side will do anything to make this night memorable for everyone. He loves EAM with all his heart, but sometimes, changes are for the better.

    Match #1 - Christopher Daniels Vs Fans choose the opponent
    We see a highlight reel of Daniels' long career in EAM, both as a wrestler and as a general manager. The video especially focus on his feud with Randy Orton, which lasted over a decade, ending with a Unsanctioned Empty Arena Match at Grandslam 12, but coming full circle as they teamed up against Colt Cabana and Cm Punk at this years Grandslam, burying the hatchet once and for all when Daniels stepped down as acting general manager of Jamboree a couple of weeks ago, giving the position to no other than Randy Orton. A epic career is coming to an end in hopefully what will be a memorable matchup. Either way, Christopher Daniels has certainly earned himself a future spot in the EAM Hall Of Fame, whetever this last match is a win or loss.
    Ken says they will move along on the card, as Daniels will keep them company for the rest of the show.

    Match #2 - AJ Styles Vs Orange Cassidy
    Not many manages to get a spot on the card for Grandslam. Almost none manage to get a spot on the card for Grandslam just after a feek weeks on the EAM roster. But Orange Cassidy managed just that, and he has quicly become a huge favorite amoungst the fans. But starting to annoy more and more of his fellow wrestlers. One of those people are EAM Hall of Famer; AJ Styles, who's had enough of Cassidy's charades and tomfoolery over the last couple of weeks, and has taken upon the task of stopping this circus before it goes to far. After Styles is finished with him, the fans will see that underneath those sunglasses and silly denim attire, there is nothing to cheer for!
    The third match is one that got announced on EAM's websites after this weeks Jamboree.

    Match #3 - Cody & Brandi (c) Vs Melissa Santos & Brian Cage
    The new Jamboree general manager made it perfectly clear when he was instated as new GM that he would not make any difference between members of either The Elite, or The Undisputed Era. He would not make any difference if you wore a strap or not either, as a matter of fact, holding a strap means you gotta defend it. Over weeks with mockery from Cody and Brandi, focused on ring announcer Melissa Santos and her wrestler boyfriend Brian Cage, it all culminated in a match between Cody and Brian at Jamboree. Brian came out victorious, but only after Melissa took upon herself to stop Brandi from cheating, something that might could have costed her boyfriend the match. The GM thought Brian and Melissa deserved some sort of retribution, and after Brian picked up the win in the singles match against Cody, he rewarded Melissa and Brian with a shot at The EAM Intergender Tag Team Titles at Fight For Glory.
    We continue on the card, and this next match is also one that got announced not long ago and will be one of two matches on the Fight For Glory Pre-Show.

    Match #4 - The Undisputed Era Vs The Elite (3-On-3 Tag Match)
    The tension between these two factions has been on it's boiling point for a long time, as both sides wants to be the dominate faction in EAM. The new GM made it perfectly clear when he was instated that if they wanted to continue the feud, those of them who held titles would have to work double duty at Fight For Glory, as the titles would be defended as planned. So with Adam Cole and Kenny Omega defending their titles, and now Cody and Brandi defending their titles at the show, it leaves the remaining members to fight it out for supremacy in this ongoing war. So at Fight Fory Glory, Roderick Strong, Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish faces off against The Young Bucks and Marty Scurll.
    Match #5 - Pick Your Poison Matchup for The Vacant Running Mate Championship
    This match just got announced and will happen at the PPV Pre-Show. With Ciampa unsuccessfully cashing in The Running Mate Championship against Kenny Omega at Jamboree, it makes the title once again vacant and up for grabs. After showing real dominance and growth inside the ring, EAM management has decided to give Andrade the possibility to become the new champion at Fight For Glory, but with a little twist. He will have to win the title in a match, but he can choose his opponent himself.
    We now get to see a Top 5 list over the greatest Fight For Glory matches in EAM history. The list has been put together after asking fans and wrestlers alike. So much history, so many great matches. It was not an easy task to narrow it down to five.

    The 5 Greatest Fight For Glory Matches of All Time!

    1. Colt Cabana (c) Vs Randy Orton Vs Christopher Daniels Vs Samoa Joe (Fatal 4-Way for The EAM Title) - Fight For Glory 3
    2. Randy Orton (c) Vs Shawn Michaels (EAM Title Match) - Fight For Glory 10
    3. Ronda Rousey (c) Vs AJ Lee Vs Mickie James (3-Way For The EAM Womens Title) - Fight For Glory 13
    4. Christopher Daniels Vs Shawn Michaels - Fight For Glory 1
    5. Colt Cabana (c) Vs Cm Punk (Dog-Collar Matchup For The EAM Title) - Fight For Glory 5
    Ken asks Daniels if it feels good to be in two of those matches, and Daniels reply by telling he is honored. Ken then tell they will be getting another person attending them, as the next matches they are gonna talk about is from the Pride brand. So please welcome Pride general manager Drake Younger. Drake makes his way to the set, but hi's mind is very clearly set elsewhere. Ken asks what's wrong and Drake explains about the situation regarding the Pride Title and the return of Braun Strowman. He is obviously determined to face Lars at Fight For Glory, and I am not going to stop him. It actually seems like that is the match the fans do want to see as well. Ken then asks what the problem is and Drake explains that he has injured three wrestlers on the Pride roster with his actions. Something he needs to be punished or fined for. But what if he wins the Pride title from Lars?

    Match #6 - Lars Sullivan (c) Vs Braun Strowman
    Ever since Lars Sullivan dethroned Velveteen Dream, ending his nine month long reign as Pride Champion, strange things have been happening on the Pride brand. One after one the number one contenders have been brutally attacked and battered down, making them unaviable to compete against Lars at Fight For Glory. Rumors would have it that Lars himself was the attacker, even setting up an attack on himself trying to clear away the suspicion. But everything was solved and came to a conclusion when Braun Strowman returned, revealing that he was the attacker all along, and that he did it to come to Lars. Nobody has seen Braun since that vicious match at Supersplash, and these two guys have some history already in EAM. There is a possibility these two will tear the whole house down.

    Match #7 - War Raiders (c) Vs Private Party
    War Raiders have been a dominant force in the Pride tag team division ever since they defeated Mustache Mountain and become Pride Tag Team Champions at Supersplash 8. Their dominance have been without comparison, as they have beaten down teams like Nakamura & Okada, Team Tremendous (Bill Carr & Dan Barry) and Heavy Machinery (Otis & Tucker) already during their now six month long reign as champions. But never have they faced a team like Private Party. As one of the up and coming teams in EAM Promotion, they have already managed to made a name of themselves by winning the first ever tag team money in the bank match at Grandslam 14. They didn't need to use the briefcase to get a tite shot however, as EAM management has been so impressed by their recent accomplishments that they granted them a title shot at Fight For Glory 14.
    The next match up is a match that's already been named " A dream match that came from nowhere " in social media, and Ken has a fun fact about this match. This is the second time in history that Pride has three matches on a EAM PPV that's not a Pride exclusive one. The first time it happened was at Supersplash 8.

    Match #8 - Shinsuke Nakamura Vs WALTER
    A dream match from out of nowhere some says. This clash between Japanese strongstyle and European strongstyle might just be a instant classic. When " The King Of Strongstyle " Shinsuke Nakamura and " Der Ring General " WALTER face off inside the squared circle for the first time ever!

    Match #9 - The Dynasty Vs The Golden Monkey Brotherhood (3-On-3 Tag)
    Two of EAM's newest factions square off in this 3-On-3 Tag Team match, when MJF's Dynasty takes on the mysterious cult known as The Golden Monkey Brotherhood. Is there more to them than meets the eye? Or are they just stoner's eating banana's having a good time? Dynasty on their side wants to show dominance, and with the other factions already being well established, it would not look good for The Dynasty to debut by losing to those druid-cloaked weirdoes.

    Match #10 - Adam Cole (c) Vs Keith Lee
    Since capturing The Ornate Prime Championship from Angelico at Wrass Bash 8, Adam Cole has been a strong and dominant champion. He's also been the strong leader of The Undisputed Era. But, Keith Lee does not care who you are are what your name is. Keith Lee only care about Keith Lee, and the fact that he wants to be the NEW Ornate Prime Champion at Fight For Glory. Cole has managed to overcome great odds during his eight month long reign, defeating the likes of Cody Rhodes, Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, Moose, Marty Scurll and Ricochet, to mention some. But he has never met a force so dominant as Keith Lee. Can Cole once again overcome the odds and retain his championship gold at Fight For Glory, or will we get ourselves a NEW Ornate Prime Champion?

    Match #11 - Ricochet Vs Aleister Black
    We see a video with recaps from recent weeks, and the reason why things are as they are between Ricochet and Aleister Black. Not only did they lose their newly won tag team titles at the grandest stage of them all, but Ricochet have all this time been living on a lie. A lie that he could not tell his best friend. Whatever demons Ricochet are struggling with. Whatever shame he tries to hide. Aleister will find out.
    Match #12 - LA Parks (c) Vs The Colibri Coalition
    For the average wrestling fan, they can easily be unknown names. But a real wrestling fan knows that LA Parka and El Hijo de LA Parka, are alive and kicking wrestling legends, and their legacy back home in Mexico are well cemented. Brought to the EAM fans by the mysterious Salina de la Renta, LA Parks made an instant impact when they arrived, capturing The EAM Tag Team Titles in their first official match. Now they want to chisel down in history and add yet another feat to their already fabled legacy, by dominating what might just be the best tag teams in the world, in the EAM tag team division. But, when legends do things, people talk, and other legends get to hear about it. And just as in the united states of america, or Canada, or Japan. Mexico has a couple of names that really is the fundament of pro wrestling in their country. One of those names are Mysterio. Cementing their legacy down in both the unites states and Mexico, Rey Mysterio and El Hijo de Rey Mysterio need no real introduction. Now they have challenged La Parks for their newly won tag team straps. EAM Promotions bring you lucha libre action at Fight For Glory, as La Parks defend The EAM Tag Team Titles for the first time against The Colibri Coalition!
    Match #13 - Hulk Hogan Vs Mick Foley
    We see a recap video with highlights from Grandslam where Brooke Hogan and Noelle Foley faced each other in singles competition. Both girls had their fathers at ringside for the match, and it was the first time ever Hulk Hogan appeared on a EAM Promotion show. He tried to hog the limelight, something that got Mick Foley annoyed. Helping his daughter pick up the win at the grandest stage of them all was what started it all. It got Hogan thinking, what if he could do just one match? Then he could say he competed for the greatest wrestling company in the world. This caught attention in social media and it became a big conversation not only on wrestling forums, but all over the world wide web. Mick Foley was not impressed over the jippo Hogan had manage to create, again, all because of his big ego. He told Hogan that if he really wanted a EAM moment, he would give him one. But just as a warning, it's not certain Hogan will remember anything of it, but the EAM fans sure will. So, at Fight For Glory, we will be witnessing wrestling history of one kind or another regardless of what happens, as Hulk Hogan faces Mick Foley, in a First and Last time ever Grudge Match!
    Match #14 - " Filthy " Tom Lawlor Vs " The Notorious " Conor McGregor
    Everyone had talked about Conor McGregor and him possibly signing with EAM Promotion. No one truly believed it before he turned up at Grandslam 13. But his debut in EAM Promotion was not the shiny and bright one that people had expected it to be. His debut against Ambrose/Moxley at Grandslam ended in a no-contest, and is to date the only match in Grandslam history to be ruled a no-contest. After that, he picked up nothing but losses and was taken off the weekly schedule shortly after. Obviously happy with getting a paycheck every month without doing much work, Conor calmed down, and we haven't heard much of him since early this summer. Until EAM Promotion signed Tom Lawlor. This pissed Conor off, who made it pretty clear to EAM management that he took the signing pretty personal, and that he would do anything he could to make Lawlor's career in EAM a short one. They never crossed paths in UFC, but now they are both in EAM Promotions. Not since Fight For Glory 2, has there been a MMA sanctioned match. This is one you surely don't want to miss!
    Ken now tell they will get a third guest around the table, as they have reached the womens matches on the Fight For Glory card. So please welcome, 2 x EAM Womens Champion; Jillian Hall! Wow, nobody was expecting that, and she actually gets a mixed reaction from the crowd as she enters the stage and place herself down in a chair together with the boys. Everyone that has followed EAM Promotions for a while knows the history between Jillian Hall and the chairman Emil A. guess this is a special occation. They welome her and then talk shortly about the womens divison in EAM and how it's always been a very strong division. Not many can call themselves a former EAM Womens Champion, much less a two times champion. It's a pretty exclusive club to be in, as only twelve different women has worn the gold over the span of fourteen years. With only Jillian, Ronda and Mickie holding it more than once! Jillian says that she thinks that the EAM Womens divison never looked better or stronger, and with their own show and finally getting their own tag team titles, this could only go one way. Speaking of the EAM Womens Tag Team Titles.....

    Match #15 - Sasha & Bayley (c) Vs Alexa & Leah Vs Tessa Blanchard & Toni Storm
    Sasha Banks and Bayley won a big tag team turmoil match at Grandslam 14 to become the first ever EAM Womens Tag Team Champions. Their first title defence comes at Fight For Glory, where they will wrestle Tessa Blanchard & Toni Storm, possibly the most over womens tag team in EAM at the moment, but also the team of Alexa Bliss & Leah Von Dutch, that we do know are personal favorites of the boss himself (If we are to believe the rumors) and they sure has something cooking, as we over the last couple of weeks have witnessed a transformation in Leah Von Dutch. It's impossible to predict the outcome, as this could go either way!
    Match #16 - Becky Lynch Vs Ronda Rousey
    At The Twelfth Of Never, Ronda Rousey managed to retain her womens title against veteran Beth Phoenix, but her celebration would not last long. Becky Lynch cashed in her MITB briefcase, defeating a worn out Ronda, taking the womens championship. Ronda's rematch for the title would be in the main event at Supersplash VIII, but the submission match for the title would end in a no-contest as members of the 4-Horsewomen of Wrestling and MMA would turn up and it all ended in a brawl that would be settled weeks later. Then things settled, for a while. The tension was ignited at Grandslam when they once again met each other in a match. This time a Triple Threat Match with Charlotte Flair in the mix. Becky and Ronda focused more on each other than on Charlotte, giving Charlotte the opportunity she needed to pick up the win. But Becky and Ronda was not finished with each other. Both want the grand prize. Becky seeking to be a two time womens champion, and Ronda seeking to be a three time womens champion. At Fight For Glory however, one of them will be taken that opportunity away, as they face each other in the ultimate challenge, an Iron-Woman Matchup! And the loser will be taken away the privilege of challenging for the title ever again!
    Match #17 - Nia Jax Vs Charlotte Flair
    We see a video highlighting The EAM Womens Championship and all the greatest moments and matches that has happaned over the years. Then we see highlights from the match between Nia Jax and Mickie James from Grandslam 14. If not the greatest match in EAM Promotion history, it certainly was the greatest womens match in history. It all came full closure with Mickie doing the unthinkable, not only winning her last match and be the first one to defeat Nia Jax, but become a 7th time EAM Womens Champion! She retired with the title, leaving the womens division without a world title. But The week after a new title was introduced; The " Center Of Attention " Championship. And the first champion will be crowned at Fight For Glory 14!
    Match #18 - Kenny Omega (c) Vs Velveteen Dream
    The EAM World Heavyweight Championship. The biggest and greatest prize in pro wrestling today. Kenny Omega has been a dominant champion ever since cashing in the MITB briefcase at Supersplash VIII, defeating Ronda Rousey to take the coveted strap. For over half a year Omega has been champion, even being able to pull off 10 wins in a row during The Gauntlet Roulette, making him historical together with Becky Lynch. He even overcome all odds and retained the strap against Kota Ibushi, in a match that became an instant classic. Another thing that has become an instant classic in EAM Promotion are Velveteen Dream. He has the record for longest reigning Pride Champion, holding the title for 10th months. His has become a instant fan favorite, and after being moved to the orange brand after finally losing the Pride Title to Lars Sullivan at Grandslam 14, Dream wasted no time, walking straight up to Kenny Omega and just as well challenged him for a match. And with thousands of fans chanting for Velveteen Dream, what could the EAM Champion do other than accept the challenge.
    That wraps up maybe the most jampacked Fight For Glory card in history. Even more jampacked and star sprangled than FFG 12 who was over two nights. Ken thanx everyone of his guest for being with him on the show and the audience and are about to say goodnight when he remembers one thing. He almost forgot to announce who Christopher Daniels' opponent for Fight For Glory is gonna be. He picks up a remote and clicks, revealing the results on a screen. The race was thight, but the one person that the fans gave the most votes was....... Suicide! WOW! Daniels looks a bit shocked about that and Ken asks him what he think. Daniels says he really wasn't expecting that. He and Suicide go way back, but they never faced each other in the ring. Maybe that's why the fans voted for him. It's sure gonna be interesting, and Daniels makes sure he will use the hours in front of the PPV to mentally prepare himself for this match, as he does not wanna let anyone down.

    That wraps up this first episode of HYPED! on the EAM Promotions network. We hope you are as hyped as we are for Fight For Glory 14 and hope you will tune in this sunday, as we go live on PPV from Paradise, Nevada, for our 14th edition of Fight For Glory!
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    for The Sydney Slobbernocker

    Ken Anderson welcomes us to another edition of HYPED! This time from Sydney as we are just hours away from show start as EAM Promotions presents, The Sydney Slobberknocker! And what a card we have for you ladies and gentlemen. Six matches, in which two of men are the Slobberknocker matches. We are going to go trough all of those matches tonight, talking about them and analyse whatever we can put our fingers on. But, I am not going to do all of that myself. Oh no, since this is the 4th and 5th Slobberknocker match in EAM history, that mean there has been someone before right? Yes, and that also means someone has won this match before? Yes, actually all the three past Slobberknocker matches has been won by different people, and all three will be here with me tonight. But not only that. I am also so lucky to have a very special guest tonight, as Indi Hartwell, the girl who won a lottery she even didn't know she was taking part off, will be coming later as well. But first, let's welcome the three former Slobberknocker winners. Two of them are EAM Hall Of Famers, and the third one is no doubt a future hall of famer, and is the current general manager of Jamboree. Please welcome Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle and Randy Orton! All thee men enters and sits down around the table. Anderson asks them if they are excited for the Slobberknocker PPV, and everyone says they are very excited. Anderson then says it's no reason to waste any more time then. Let's look at the card for this Slobberknocker PPV!

    Match #1 - Tommaso Ciampa Vs Moose
    These two men have a long history and they have had a long rivalry. Every time they faces off i the ring you could easily feel the tension between the two. They can't even see eye to eye outside the ring. But that will all come to an end at The Sydney Slobberknocker, as they clash off one final time, where the winner will recieve a spot in The Slobberknocker match, for a opportunity to face off against EAM Champion; Velveteen Dream at Wrass Bash IX. But the loser will recieve the ultimate punish for his failures, as he will be fired! They have met under different stipulations before, but this match needs to have a winner, so for neither man trying to cheat or go the easy way out, the match will be contested under Falls Count Anywhere rules, and there will be absolutely No Disqualification!
    Match #2 - Heavy Machinery Vs War Raiders
    A rubber match between two of the most popular tag teams in EAM seemed inevitable. Maybe not so strange when Heavy Machinery's only title matchup has been against just War Raiders. That night at Grandslam 14, Otis and Tucker came just to short, but they proved they had what would take a few weeks later when they surprisingly got a win over Raiders, only this time it was no title straps on the line. No straps are one the line at The Sydney Slobberknocker either, but sometimes, Pride means more than gold.
    Anderson then tells everyone to give a warm welcome to Indi Hartwell as she joins the boys around the table as the next match they are going to discuss is the womens Slobberknocker matchup. Indi tells everyone she feels so lucky and privileged, being able to compete in such a match, for such a prize. Such an opportunity only comes by once in a lifetime, and she guarantee everyone she will make the best of it. Seizing the opportunity.

    Match #3 - 30-Women Slobberknocker Matchup For The COT Championship
    This matchup was originally scheduled to have the winner recieving a title shot against Nia Jax for The EAM Center Of Attention Championship at Wrass Bash IX, but things changed drastically, as The EAM Center Of Attention Champion; Nia Jax announced that she would not only be participating in the match, but she would also start as #1, and she would put the title on the line. She will even defend the title later in the night if she is able to overcome 29 other competitors. This is the first time the women on the EAM roster get to participate in such a matchup, and we already know some of the participants, both current members of the Spotlight roster and a couple of legends. If Nia Jax actually manage to do what she has set herself to, there might be no woman in the world that can stop her.
    Match #4 - Lars Sullivan Vs Keith Lee
    Besides The Slobberknocker Matchup, this is the match that everybody has been talking about the last couple of weeks. The Pride Champion and The Ornate Prime Champion clashes for the first time ever! This could easily be an instant classic. Lars Sullivan is still undefeated. Can Keith Lee change that? Either outcome, this wrestling matchup is something you don't wanna miss!
    Match #5 - Nia Jax Vs Ronda Rousey
    This match has already been mention before tonight as they talked about the women's slobberknocker matchup. Even if Nia does not succeed with retaining The EAM Center Of Attention Championship, she will sqaure off against Ronda at the PPV. Ronda has been Jax's obsession since her coming to EAM, and even tough she beat Ronda already last season at Heating Up, she isn't pleased before Ronda is destroyed beyond recognition!
    As they are coming to the main event of the show, The 50-Man Slobberknocker matchup, all of a sudden The EAM World Heavyweight Champion; Velveteen Dream joins them. Everyone seem a bit surprise, but Dream says offcourse he wanted to be here. As he is very curious about who they think have the biggest chance of pulling off a victory, earning a title shot against him at Wrass Bash IX. He has made up some thought himself about who he thinks got bigger chances than others but he would love t hear what they think. He then pulls out something from his pocket. It's a golden ticket. He says he's sorry he only got one, but they know how it is. 50 men, and only fifty spots in the match. He puts the ticket on the table in front of them. Michaels, Angle and Orton look at each other. Everyone goes for the ticket at the same time. But they are all to late. Ken Anderson snaps the ticket away right in front of their noses. That means he's got a spot in the Slobberknocker match, competing for Velveteen Dream's EAM Title! As we have seen many times before Anytime can happen in EAM Promotions!

    5 Fun Facts About Former Slobberknocker PPV's
    - At the second Slobberknocker PPV St. Louis SLobberknocker, back in season 10, Young Bucks competed in and won a match against nine other tag teams in a match that was named The Biggest Tag Team Tangle Ever!
    - Both Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton won The Slobberknocker Match entering as #1
    - Beth Phoenix and Mickie James wrestled a 5-Star matchup at The San Antonio Slobberknocker back in season 9 for The EAM Womens Championship.
    - Mickie James successfully defended The EAM Womens Championship in a Gauntlet matchup against nine other women at The St. Louis Slobberknocker PPV back in season 10.
    - Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens faced off in a match for the first time at The St. Louis Slobberknocker. And they have not met again inside the squared circle since.

    Match #6 - 50-Man Slobberknocker Matchup
    As this match kicks off, it will only be the 5th match of it's type in EAM Promotions history. 50-men will compete in a traditional over the top rope rumble, where the last man standing recieves a title shot at EAM's grand price, the EAM World Heavyweight Championship against Velveteen Dream on Wrass Bash IX. Some competitors are already announced, but there will probably be a few surprises as well. Velveteen says that whoever wins this match no doubt earns a shot at his gold. And he will be honored to defend it against him. May the best man win!
    Anderson thanx everyone for coming tonight, as it's been a pleasure having them as guest. He also thanx Velveteen for the golden ticket, and says he'll make sure to put it in the best of use. That wraps up this second episode of HYPED! on the EAM Promotions network. We hope you are as hyped as we are for The Slobberknocker PPV and also hope you will tune in this sunday, as when we return, it will be live on PPV from Sydney, Australia!
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    For Wrass Bash IX

    Ken Anderson welcomes us to the third edition of HYPED! and he has a special guest with him tonight, none other than the special guest host of Wrass Bash IX, Vince Russo. Vince says it is a honor to be here, and it's an even bigger honor being asked to be host of one of the big six PPV's in EAM. Anderson then comments on the fact that even the undertitle of the PPV is named after him, and Russo says that's pretty awesome. It doesn't actually get more awesome than that. Anderson then tells the audience that Vince will be with them trough the whole card, as he give some insight on different angles and and stipulations as we go.

    Match #1 - Private Party Vs The Broserweights
    Pete Dunne and Matthew Riddle are two names that defines what the Pride brand is all about. They are hard workers that every week go out there and prove themselves not only to their opponents, but also the audience. As of late they have been dominant as a tag team as well, and that's the reason they are granted this opportunity in our opening contest.

    Match #2 - 10-Women Grasp For The Gold - Titleshot on A Pole
    After weeks of giving away tickets to different women a part of EAM Promotions, but not frequently wrestling, Russo announced that the ten women that had recieved these tickets would be competing in a match against each other, with a contract for a titleshot on a 10 ft. pole attached to one of the corners. The woman that manage to retrieve the contract on the end of the pole will win the match and be granted a titleshot.

    Match #3 - Marty Scurll Vs Finn Balor
    It's like a bout between bad-guys in a marvel comic. It's The Villain Vs The Demon. This match has been a long time coming. Ever since Scurll took control over what once was The Bullet Club and threw out both Adam Page, AJ Styles and Finn Balor. If it was Gotham, not even Batman would dare stand between these two baddies, as they square off!

    Match #4 - Human Tornado Vs Jack Evans (Dance-Off)
    All the way back in season 2, at the first ever Wrass Bash PPV, Human Tornado had his retirement matchup against Jack Evans. Not since then has Tornado showed himself EAM Promotions, until earlier this season. He wanted retribution, as he felt going out against Evans was not the way he'd thought his career would end. So he challenged Evans to a rematch at Wrass Bash. But Evans declined the challenged, saying that he already beat Tornado and ended his career, so he had nothing left to prove, wrestling wise. But then he challenged Tornado to another kind of contest. A Dance-Off!

    Match #5 - Tom Lawlor Vs Conor McGregor (Scaffold Matchup)
    Since the debut of " Filthy " Tom Lawlor in EAM Promotions, Conor McGregor has been on a path to remove him. With little success, but Conor has managed to make Lawlor's start in EAM a difficult one. It all escalated to this point, when two weeks ago the two brawled their way trough the EAM arena, and finally found themselves on the roof of the compnay building. Security managed to get a hold of them before oen of them fell off the roof, but the heat between Tom and Conor are still red hot. Special guest host of Wrass Bash; Vince Russo told general manager of Jamboree, Randy Orton why he didn't settle this the old EAM way, in the ring. Then he got another notion, as he's still much in charge of the whole upcoming PPV, so he put both men in EAM Promotions second ever Scaffold match! Please let's just not get a Danbury fall.
    Ken Anderson then informs us that they are going to get another guest in the studio as they go trough the Wrass Bash card, but before that, EAM Promotions wants to present to you the top 5 Wrass Bash matches of all time, put together by the EAM fans and the wrestlers of EAM, both past and present.

    The 5 Greatest Wrass Bash Matches Of All Time!
    1. Kurt Angle (c) Vs Jon Moxley Vs Randy Orton (Triple Threat for The EAM Title) - Wrass Bash 6
    2. Kurt Angle (c) Vs Shawn Michaels (EAM Title Match) - Wrass Bash 1
    3. Mickie James (c) Vs Ronda Rousey Vs Alexa Bliss (Triple Threat for The EAM Womens Title) - Wrass Bash 8
    4. AJ Lee (c) Vs Mickie James (EAM Womens Title Matchup) - Wrass Bash 7
    5. Sting Vs Shawn Michaels II (Wrass Bash 4)

    We go back to the studio where we are about to get in another guest as Ken announced before the top 5 list. A guy walks into the studio wearing gray coveralls. What is this? Is this the guest? No it's not. He is just following the next guest to his place. In his hands he's holding a big rope, and in the end of that rope is a 660 pound Bear! We all knew this was going to happen at the PPV, but nobody expected this, least of all Ken Anderson who jumps in his chair. Russo tell Ken it's perfectly safe, Mishka is a professional trained circus bear. He's as nice as the day is long. But Ken is not convinced.

    Match #6 - The Man Vs Beast - 1.000.000 $ Challenge
    Russo explains how this challenge will go down. Anyone on the EAM roster can participate in this challenge, and if anyone actually survives five minutes inside the squared circle with Mishka, will be rewarded the price of 1.000.000 $!!!

    Match #7 - Sasha & Bayley (c) Vs Beth Phoenix & Sara Del Rey
    Sasha and Bayley has proven themselves to be the strongest womens tag team in EAM Promotions history, beating every opponent on their way, first to capture the straps, but then to retain them, time after time, after time. Green horns, established superstars and Legends alike have all bitten the dust in front of their feet. The Wheel of fortune gimmick was introduced by Sasha and Bayley some weeks ago, just to prove their point that they had beaten every tag team on the EAM roster, they put the names of the teams they had not defended the title against, removing a team week, by week. Even beating The Chikara tag team champions in a impromtu non-title match at Spotlight. At Wrass Bash they will be defending their titles against former EAM Womens champions and now Spotlight commentators; Beth Phoenix and Sara Del Rey. That was the original plan, but Sara Del Rey suffered an injury after Maria's husband Mike threw Sara into the steel steps. Will Sara be able to compete? Or will Sasha and Bayley retain their titles in a walk-over victory? Or do Beth have to take up the challenge by herself?

    Match #8 - Will Ospreay Vs Adam " Edge " Copeland
    In many ways a dream match, but the way it happened could have been on better terms. Since The Sydney Slobberknocker Will have been upset by proving that Adam Copeland was a person that got everything handed to him. Didn't matter if he was in WWE or EAM or wherever he was, he was always given what he wanted, being portrayed as one that grabbed every possible opportunity to be on top. But Edge was not that great of a wrestler that everyone thought he was, and Will was willing to prove it. Weeks of mind games and mockery ended in Edge finally turning up, putting Ospreay down with a vicious spear, accepting Will's challenge for a match at Wrass Bash. Not since Season 10, four years ago has Edge been in a singles match in EAM Promotions. Last time was at EAM's third and last ever Ground Zero event that took place in Toronto. Edge fought his brother Christian that night and lost, forcing him to leave. Hopefully for Edge, his return will be better than his departure, even if Ospreay wants it otherwise.
    The bear is finally escorted out of the studio, to Ken's big relief. He then asks Vince what his plan in our next match is, as The Golden Lovers has not been given any opponents for this big event. Russo then smiles, telling Anderson that The Golden Lovers really will be put to the test at Wrass Bash, not only will they have to defend the words of one mister Meltzer about being the greatest tag team in the world, but they also have to defend their prestigious titles against maybe the greatest tag teams that EAM Promotions has ever seen! And to twist it even further, after all this is Wrass Bash, one of the big six, and after all, he is in charge, so let's make it a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match! Anderson then a bit flabbergasted asks Russo who the opponents will be.

    Match #9 - The Golden Lovers (c) Vs ? (TLC Match for The EAM Tag Team Titles)
    We then get several promotion videos from the teams that will enter this matchup, and this is fucking huge! Two by two, one great tag team after the other cut a short promo, telling about the past, the present and the future. These are all teams that's made a huge impact in wrestling history, not to mention a big part of buidling the EAM tag team division. Some people are no doubt gonna love Russo for this, as this just might be the biggest surprise of the night. The teams that cut promos, ready to make a big impact once again in EAM are; The Motor City Machine Guns, The Briscoe Brothers, Paul London & Brian Kendrick, Kenta & KENTA, The Young Bucks, The World's Greatest Tag Team & The American Wolves! WOW! That's going to be one clusterfuck of a spotfest! How will this even be possible?!

    Match #10 - Jon Moxley (c) Vs Randy Orton (Running Mate Title Match)
    Ever since capturing The Running Mate Championship, Moxley has kept it like a fragile baby, refusing to cash it in for a titleshot, claiming that he will make it even more prestigious than the EAM World Heavyweight Championship. A pretty bold claim, so bold infact that the general manager of Jamboree, Randy Orton, who's one of EAM's oldest posterboys himself laid down the challenge for Moxley, as by the 28 Days rule he has to cash in the title or defend it. Moxley still refused to cash it in, making this match official for Wrass Bash IX. Two of the biggest names in the heavyweight division clashes together again for what could easily be more coveted after this match, The Running Mate Championship!

    Match #11 - La Parks Vs The Lucha Bros (Careers Vs Masks)
    In Mexican wrestling, there is no more valuable than your mask. Because with your mask off, off goes your career. There has been tension between La Parks and Lucha Bros for several weeks, all escalating in a big brawl where none really came out as the winners. There are seemingly more behind all this than we know, but what we do know is that is has something to do with the past, and not being able to forget. Or something like that. La Parks ruined Pentagon Jr. and rey Fenix's chances to compete for the tag team titles at Wrass Bash, something Pentagon and Rey took upon themselves to retribute. It's pretty obvious that EAM does not have place for both teams in their roster, as the four of them cannot meet eye to eye without something happening. The genious mind of Vince Russo however plotted out how this feud could end with a grand finale at one of the big six EAM PPV's of the season, and in the process making it a historical PPV moment. He booked the two teams to face off in a contest that goes with Mexican tradition, a match with such a cruel stipulation for both teams involved, that they sure will give 110% in the ring to win. La Parks careers will be on the line against Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix's masks. This is a match that Triple A would have wanted for their TripleMania event, but we are getting it here in EAM, at Wrass Bash IX - Russ-O-Rama!

    Match #12 - Cody & Brandi Rhodes (c) Vs Keith Lee & Nia Jax (EAM Intergender Tag Team Titles Match)
    They beat the chairman himself and EAM's first lady, Mickie James to get the titles, and has not looked back since. Being top dogs in EAM is usually not a walk on roses, but ever since capturing the titles Cody and Brandi has proven to everyone why just they are holding those Intergender tag team titles. They have beaten Joey Ryan & Paige, Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae, Sami Callihan & Jessica Havok, Brian Cage & Melissa Santos, Seth Rolins & Becky Lynch and even Edge & Beth Phoenix. This has all lead to the question, who can beat them? And who is left? Cody and Brandi has been pointing out the situation for weeks, even saying they will take the titles to other promotions and defend it there if they are not given an actual challenge soon. Then someone answered their call. Someone quite unexpected. Someone that could easily end Cody and Brandi's reign. The Ornate Prime Champion; Keith Lee & The Center Of Attention Champion; Nia Jax! Neither Lee or Jax are scheduled to defend their titles at Wrass Bash, because this is a match nobody would want to miss, and Russo did not want to give Cody and Brandi the advantage of the fact that Lee and Jax might have worked several matches in one night. It's no doubt their thoughest challenge yet. Could the two champions walk out of Wrass Bash with even more gold? Or will Cody and Brandi actually prove to everyone that there are nobody like them?

    Match # 13 - Velveteen Dream (c) Vs Orange Cassidy (EAM Title Matchup)
    Two of the fastest growing stars and fan favorites clashes together in Wrass Bash IX's co-main event, for the most coveted title in wrestling today, The EAM World Heavyweight Championship! A EAM Dream match for sure! Both men are quite unique individuals when it comes to in-ring skills. Both are extremely talented, and both men have some strange antics that might put most of their opponents out of their repertory. But they have never met each other. Until Now!

    Match #14 - Triple Cage Matchup for The Pride Championship
    For the first time ever, we get the Triple Cage in EAM, but not only that. This is the first time ever that The Pride Title are main eventing a EAM PPV that's not Pride exclusive. And what a PPV to do it on, as we close up Wrass Bash IX with Drew McIntyre's first title defence as Pride Champion, and what a impossible task he's been given by Russo indeed. Not only do he have to retrieve his title from the cage on the top, but he gotta do it before any of the other five competitors does it. We are then represented to the challengers of this match, who is former Pride Champions Lars Sullivan and Jeff Cobb. The monster amoungst men; Braun Strowman. " Der Ring General " WALTER and the newest and fastest rising star on the Pride brand; Dominik Dijakovic! It's going to be chaos no doubt! A fitting way to end a Russo-esque PPV just like this!
    That wraps one hell of a card for this upcoming Wrass Bash PPV event that will see EAM Promotions back in Madison Square Garden. Russo then says he's got a couple of more surprises for Wrass Bash, but he'd like to keep them secret until the actual show. But he's sure people will love it. Anderson are not that convinced, but tonights card actually looks pretty damn amazing, given the fact that Vince Russo is in charge of it. Anderson then thanx everyone for watching another edition of HYPED! and says that next time he will be back with another episode will be in July, when EAM Promotions hosts their annual Supersplash PPV, that will be the 9th edition of Supersplash, and this season, the event will be held in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as a part of a two night spectacular, as EAM Promotions for the first time in history hosts a event in The United Arab Emirates! With this announcement the show ends.....

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    Supersplash IX Edition

    We are welcomed by Ken Anderson as this edition of HYPED! is a bit different from the others, as the first part of Supersplash is already over. Anderson tells us that he will reflect upon the matches that's already happened and then they will talk about the card for night 2 plus a couple of other things along the way. This edition of HYPED! are live from The United Arab Emirates, and we go straight to the show right after we close night 1 with the sight of Marty Scurll standing over the burial of Finn Balor.

    Anderson are alone in the studio right now, but he tell us that he will not be all alone during the show, as he will have some guest coming over as usual. Actually, the first guest are coming over right now as Anderson welcomes ring announcer and The Primetime Bitch Champion; Melissa Santos. She's wearing a black dress, and is carrying the title over her shoulder. She sits down besides Anderson who congratulate her on her second title defence, and ask her what her plan for this title is, as she knows it's not a recognized title in any way, but only a product of Maria Kanelli's wild imagination. Melissa says she's aware of that, and she thought exactly that in the beginning. Thinking it pretty silly that Maria made such a fuzz about a fake title. But you know what? Since the guys now just got their TV title, why shouldn't the girls have their own title like that? Melissa then tells she's hellbent on making this title a real title, and it will be just as prestigious as it's male counterpart. Anderson then asks Melissa what she thinks about the rumors that's already been going around backstage, that Melissa's next opponent will be Penelope Ford?! Melissa says she is a tough opponent no doubt, and The Harem really showed their strength tonight, not only gaining themselves a shot at the womens tag team titles, but also with Alexa winning The Battle Royale. That probably means it will be Nia Jax Vs Alexa Bliss at Swimming With Sharks, but then again, what about Mickie? Is she back again now or was her participation tonight only for the fun of it? I guess some answers will have to wait. But back to Penelope, if she's really Melissa's next opponent, she has one thing to tell her. If you make the same mistake as all the others, assuming that Melissa is just another ring announcer, she will be thinking twice. Melissa will use this title as a token, to show everyone that she is more than just a pretty face!

    Anderson tell her that's nice and all, but let's talk about the other actions that went down tonight. We saw Adam Cole getting the win after Roderick Strong backstabbed him and left the group. We saw Jon Moxley once again retaining The Running Mate Championship, this time against fellow members in The Ultraviolent Society, Darby Allin and Jimmy Havoc. Keith Lee and Nia Jax retained their Intergender Tag Team Titles against Rollins and Lynch. Anderson wonder who will be able to dethrone them? Will Ospreay closed the deal against Edge, finally getting a win and proving himself. The Harem dominated against The Four Horsewomen, showing that they are a force to be reckoned with! We also saw The Final Fall between Nakamura and Okada in a very special matchup. And.... MJF winning the first ever TV Title Tournament, crowning himself as the first ever EAM Television Champion! Something that probably will not be taken lightly by our chairman of the board, as we know the history between him and MJF. And we cannot forget the spectacle we just witnessed right before we went on here, with " The Villain " Marty Scurll standing over " The Demon " Finn Balor's buried body! And we will be back tomorrow! And night 2 has one hell of a card too, as we will be live tomorrow from Dubai. So let's look at tomorrow's card for a moment.

    First off, we kick off tomorrow's show with an Elimination Chamber match! A match type that we have not seen many times on EAM, because of obvious reasons. This match could easily end careers, and tomorrow, The Pride Champion WALTER will face his hardest challenge as champion yet, as he defends his championship against five other brutes inside this gruesome steel structure! WALTER will not have the possibility to recieve help from his fellow Imperium members either, as the only thing they can do is to stand outside and watch the havoc! It will no doubt be one hell of a slobberknocker to kick off tomorrow's show.

    Second match out tomorrow are tag team action, as Asuka will team up with Jade Chung to take on the newly formed team of Melina Perez and ex-Harem member Leah Von Dutch. This match surely has some heat and tension. Melina has for weeks been putting down the EAM womens division, saying it's not like it was in her times. It culminated down to Asuka not putting up with anymore of Melina's shenanigans, helping out Jade some weeks prior. Melina on her side made herself a mentor of the ex-Harem member Leah Von Dutch, telling her that she did not need those girls, as Melina would help her rise to the top.

    Then we have Ricochet Vs Orange Cassidy as our third match. The reason for this encounter are rather odd, as no formal challenge was ever made, but nevertheless it's a EAM Dream match coming up as two of the biggest favorites in EAM clashes for the first time. No history or feud really needed when you can book two of the most-over wrestlers today in a match against each other. Needless to say, this could easily get a five star rating by uncle Meltzer.

    Then we have Keith Lee defending The Ornate Prime Championship against AJ Styles in a match that easily as well could be called a EAM Dream Match. Styles might be Keith's thoughest challenge yet, but Lee has shown many times already that you need to have something special to beat him. Do AJ Styles have what it takes to beat Keith Lee?

    Next up will be Heavy Machinery getting another shot against Private Party's Pride Tag Team Championships. Will Otis and Tucker winally be rewarded for their hard blue collar workmanship?

    Then the scramble offcourse. That present to you the greatest of tag teams in EAM right now, rewarding the winner with a titleshot at The EAM Tag Team straps at Swimming With Sharks. It's typical for the bigget show of the summer to have spectacular matches like this one, not only to get the crowd going, but also to be able to portray all of the great talent that actually are on the EAM roster. Which tag team will earn themselves a shot against either The Golden Lovers, or The Lucha Bros. As they will go face to face later on the show.

    Beth Phoenix and Jillian Hall have been granted their rematch tomorrow, as they will be trying to get back their tag team gold from Sara Del Rey and AJ Lee. There is quite a tension between these girls, and AJ Lee returning to EAM left many fans shocked and flabbergasted. The womens division are on fire right now, and the tag team titles are proof that you are on the top. Whoever wins this match will no doubt cement themselves down in history, as these four women already have so much to show for in the record books. Tomorrow nights match will only add to either teams legacy. But only two of them will be flying home from Dubai with the tag team titles in their luggage.

    Talking about tag team titles, as they mention a bit earlier, The Golden Lovers will once again be defending their EAM Tag Team Titles against Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix. Last time they faced each other it was in a Last Team Standing Matchup. No gimmick has been added to tomorrow's matchup, until now. It's announced that tomorrow's tag team title match will be contested under Falls Count Anywhere rules, and as we know, tomorrow's event as tonights, will be on a beach. The feud between these two teams continues tomorrow!

    Maria earned herself a title shot when she won Vince Russo's Grasp for the Gold contest. But people may agree that her reward was not the greatest as she will be facing off against Nia Jax. This smells squash if Anderson ever smelled one. That Maria has her husband with her in the match does not help her a bit Anderson think, as Nia will be mopping the floor with both. It's kinda sad actually, as Maria is quite a underrated performer to be honest. Hopefully Maria will get another opportunity on a later stage, because she wont stand a chance against Nia.

    Then, we are down to our co-main event, but before we discuss those matches, let's welcome current EAM World Heavyweight Champion; Velveteen Dream! Lights turn purple and music cranks the studio speakers as Velveteen enters the scene. He's dressed as The Ultimate Warrior! He walks up, wearing the EAM strap over his shoulder. He kisses Melissa on her hand and shakes Anderso's hand before sitting down opposite Anderson who says it's great to have him on the show. Velveteen says it's great to be here, as they all know, he's not been much on tv these past weeks, as he was granted an extra long summer vacation. But, he gotta admit, he missed the in-ring action and everything surrounding it. He missed being in the spotlight. After all, he is the EAM Champion! And when it seemed that the board of directors had no plans for him for Supersplash, that made him pretty angry to be honest. After all Supersplash is the second biggest show of the year. But then he got the message. Anderson asks him if Velveteen can tell the fans about that. Velveteen tells that he got the message that since he had asked for a worthy opponent for Supersplash, they picked, the person who made Velveteen what he is today. It's not only a dream for the EAM fans, but a dream for Velveteen Dream personally. Because he will be defending The EAM Championship against none other than " The Heartbreak Kid " Shawn Michaels! Ok, Shawn might be older now and past his prime, but to be able to work a match with one of your childhood heroes, Velveteen does not think he has to explain further. Anyway, he will be at the top of his game, as he goes down in history, beating Shaen Michaels to retain the EAM Title. It's one step on the way to become a EAM Legend. Something Velveteen has set his mind on becoming.

    But then, there is also a very special match tomorrow, as Khabib and Conor face off in the rematch from their UFC clash some years ago. This is one of the matches that's been spoken most of in social media these past couple of weeks. Over the years there has been some MMA matches in EAM, but they have not been many. But none of them have had such star quality as this one! Velveteen laughs, and makes a joke that he could draw more money in his sleep as this edition of HYPED! is about to end. Anderson thanx both Melissa and Velveteen for being his guests. We end the show with a list put together by fans and the EAM wrestlers, showing what people think is the top 5 Supersplash matches of all time

    Top 5 Supersplash Matches Of All Time
    1. Samoa Joe (c) Vs Shawn Michaels (Last Man Standing Match for The EAM Title w/Kurt Angle as special Guest Referee) - Supersplash 1
    2. Jon Moxley Vs Mick Foley (Beach House of Horror Matchup) - Supersplash 3
    3. Cm Punk (c) Vs Christopher Daniels (Iron-Man Matchup for The EAM Title) - Supersplash 2
    4. Hafthor Vs Braun Strowman Vs Lars Sullivan - Supersplash 8
    5. Kurt Angle (c) Vs Daniel Bryan (EAM Title Match) - Supersplash 6
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    for Grandslam 15

    Welcome everybody to another edition of Hyped!. This is the before Hyped preview show that will speak about some of the matches at Grandslam 15!.

    Grandslam 15 will be the first ever event that takes place in the brand new, high tech advanced SoFi stadium in Inglewood, California which seats 100,240 but can be extended to 150k!. We might come close to the record for most people ever at an EAM event. After EAM is done it may have to be shut down because nobody will ever top it....if there’s even an arena left after because the roof might be blown off!.

    Fun Fact: The tag line is The Colossal Tussle which was originally going to be the name of the first Wrestlemania!.

    In what might be the greatest show in the history of sports and entertainment let alone pro wrestling a 24 hour extravaganza of total non stop action, extravaganza, violence, title matches, revenge, surprises and shocks so let’s not waste any time and get to the previews!.

    In our opening match Orange Cassidy has officially cashed in his Running Mate championship where he will challenge Shawn Michaels for the EAM World Title but what will happen and who will win!. Shawn Michaels is undefeated at Grandslam and will only be able to say that after beating two individuals. Right now Cassidy is the underdog and HBK has been distracted by Lee. Can he swoop in for the victory?. Will it be an Orange Sunday for Shawn or Cassidy but whatever happens the winner of the match will have to wait 24 hours until they challenge and go up against Keith Lee in the main event for the EAM World Title!.

    The ROH Pure title was a legendary, underrated belt that fans have been clambering for its return for years. However, now it will be brought back and what better way to bring back the title back than to have two legends of ROH, two brothers to face off for the vacant title. Briscoe vs Briscoe. Brother vs Brother.

    Donovan Dijakovic has been a great champion with an illustrious title history of the championship will defend against the returning challenger Jon Moxley!. Maybe the toughest challenge of his career so far against a big name with such star power. Can he continue his successes or will Moxley make an impactful return?.

    Not a wrestling match per say instead a Boxing match between two successful strongmen. They’ve had success on the screen and always been competitive with each other. Both men being the World’s Strongest Man but will the ring even be again to contain the mass and weight of both of these huge athletes?. Hall has some boxing experience but Hafthor doesn’t. Thor is bigger than Hall though so who knows what will happen!. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    RVD and Kevin Steen 15 years ago wrestled at the first ever Grandslam and 15 years later everything has changed apart from this rematch!. Both are older, maybe wiser but who will come out on top in what has been confirmed as the last match of their careers. Which means someone will win a retirement match!. Steen wants revenge for the loss. It might be the last time we ever see them at a Grandslam show or even wrestling but never say never in EAM!.

    Heavy Machinery have been a great tag team and at this Grandslam will have yet another open challenge match but who will accept?. Could it be a new team, old or current team but whatever happens Heavy have made their dream come true and will appear at Grandslam as Pride tag team champions!.

    Shotzi will challenge Ford in maybe the first ever 2 out of 3 falls Spiked Dog Collar Strap match. The amount of matches they’ve had it makes sense to have this stipulation. Ford has managed to successfully avoid Shotzi so far but neither have managed to pin each other but that’s all gonna change because there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide at Grandslam but can Shotzi finally become the main Bitch on Primetime!?. Find out in just a matter of hours.

    Rey vs Rey. They’ve had a solid run in EAM, maybe better than people originally thought but Hijo got sick of it and couldn’t take it anymore so took out Rey Mysterio taking his mask off which has now lead us up to mask vs mask. The winner gets control of the Rey Mysterio name. Could this be the end of Mysterio for good or will he take the thing that Hijo took from him!?. Whatever happens win or lose this is Rey Mysterio’s last match but will he leave with his mask intact?.

    Another long standing feud is Mike and Maria Kanellis vs Brian Cage and Melissa Santos. We thought the feud was over but Maria said no and so it’s lead up to this one which we believe will be the final chapter in this long story. Can Mike and Maria prove the world wrong at Grandslam or can Cage and Santos finally shut Mike the Cuck and Maria the Slut up once and for all!.

    The MJF and Cesaro feud has been going on for a long time now and it seems the only two men that have fought for this belt and it will finally come to an end as MJF will defend his TV Title on PPV against the former champion Triple C Claudio Cesaro Castagnoli in the first ever Swizz Army Warfare match!. We have no idea what that is or what that means but we believe that it will be like the Alt for Norge match but in Switzerland fashion!. Ironically another match MJF was apart of. He seems to attract these kind of matches so who knows what country is next!. Canada, UK, Iraq, Ethiopia!?. Cesaro has buried MJF twice with his native flag but will he do it again!?.

    Killer Kross has been a great Pride champion so far but faces maybe his toughest challenge yet from a virtually unknown Shane Mercer. He’s torn the ring and arena apart but can he tear down Kross?. I’m not sure the SoFi building will handle the chaos or survive this one as the arena may be brought down by these two for the Pride Title in a No Holds Barred match!.

    Three of the greatest tag teams of all time and maybe the three best teams in the world right now will collide in a triple threat tag team title match in which the Golden Lovers will challenge the Young Bucks against the defending and reigning champions the Lucha Bros who will be accompanied by Salina but will the other teams be ready for her or even retaliate!?. Not only that but why not make it better by adding Tables, Ladders and Chairs oh my!. The classic three way TLC match but who will be victorious!?.

    Not only matches at Grandslam because we may have a few surprises as well. We know that some sort of CHIKARA tribute match will take place because of the death of the company recently. We know that a special grudge match between Segura and O’Shea over recent comments about wrestling. There’s been all kind of names and faces and speculation about who will appear and who is in California the state of Hollywood, hopes and dreams. The place where dreams are made and destroyed but how many are true and how many are just flying spaghetti monsters!. Of course we know that some sort of confrontation will happen between Emil and Travis but what and could it change EAM forever!?.

    Sasha Banks and Bayley or the Boss N Hug connection will challenge the dream team of Ronda Rousey and Mickie James who still don’t have a team name in a dream match for the women’s tag team titles!. We don’t think anybody can beat Mickie and Ronda but if anyone can then maybe Sasha and Bayley might. Yet another Grandslam and Mickie holds another title!. Sasha and Bayley will try to become the first ever 2 times women’s tag team champions.

    The Mixed Tag Titles have had a rather strange history so far but at Grandslam it might be the most personal and intense so far. The never ending feud it seems like it will...?...might come to an end at Grandslam as Andrade and Charlotte challenge Mr and Mrs Rollins!.

    Leah Von Dutch and Melina Perez will battle it out at Grandslam in a teacher vs student matchup. Dutch has changed everything and really turned everything around recently with the help of Melina but also hurt. Melina and Dutch couldn’t take it anymore and brawled with Dutch ridding herself of Melina for good. Will she put Melina away and move on with her career or will Melina stop her in her tracks and of course why not make it a classic staple of EAM...a tar and feather pink paint matchup with the winner facing the women’s champion at Fight for Glory!.

    Marty Scurll the leader of the Villains Enterprises has been a dominant champion and who we know will defend his NWA title at Grandslam against AJ Styles. Marty isn’t happy about it but he has no other choice!. NWA representation at Grandslam!.

    Alexa Bliss has been a great champion so far but only holding the title for a couple of months. She’s taken on all challenges so far but for maybe the first time will take on Nia Jax in a singles match hoping to get her championship back and become a two time champion and at Grandslam of all places. Last year she lost to Mickie in the main event in one of the craziest matches in history but can Alexa finally do it and become the second?...ever person to pin Nia Jax!?. We’ll have to wait and see.

    The Private Party will face off against the Street Profits who will be with Bianca BeLair but the Party have a surprise for Bianca. The Crazy Foxy Alicia Fox has seemingly joined forces with the Party and will surely keep Bianca at bay during this match. Not only that but we can now reveal that if Profits win they get a contract and will head straight to the main roster but if they lose they will go to Pride. If Party win then they will head straight to the main roster but if they lose then they will stay on the Pride roster with a probably angry Alicia Fox!.

    A battle royal for the vacant running mate championship. After Cassidy’s cash in we don’t have a champion. So who will be in the battle royal getting a chance become a title holder in the future?. You have to wait!.

    A match we have not seen in a long time originally created by TNA. The Feast or Fired match. Four briefcases on poles in each corner. Sounds easy right?. WRONG!. There’s usually loads of competitors and the winners will get either one of three title shots or they will be fired!. Also for the first time ever we will have the first ever women’s Feast or Fired match!. That’s right one just isn’t big enough!.

    The Baddest Mother Fucker. There’s a lot of people that think they are one but only can be. That’s all that needs to be said as EAM has partnered with the UFC well kind of...at least for one show as the UFC’s Jorge Masvidal who may have the greatest name ever has been angry and upset with him for leaving MMA and joining that ‘fake crap’ will challenge one of EAM’s own...Khabib Nurmagemedov one of the hardest to say names...for the B.M.F title but will the title finally come to EAM? and are there any other MMA stars in EAM looking at this title match and looking for a chance and shot down the line. Only time will tell.

    And of course our main event, the main event and your main event will have Keith Lee challenge Shawn Michaels or Orange Cassidy for the EAM World title. This will be the final match on the show so the entire company and industry could have changed by this time but can The BBC finally do it and realise his dream of main eventing Grandslam, becoming champion and being the next big star in EAM!?. Will we all bask in his glory?...we’ll just have to wait and see!. We’ll see you all at Grandslam 15 -
    The Colossal Tussle!.

    The Top 10 Greatest Grandslam Matches Of All Time!

    1. Kurt Angle (c) Vs Shawn Michaels (Grandslam 9) - The Unforgettable Marathon Match
    2. Nia Jax (c) Vs Mickie James (Grandslam 14)
    3. Shawn Michaels Vs The Rock (Grandslam 10)
    4. Samoa Joe (c) Vs Colt Cabana (Grandslam 5)
    5. Shawn Michaels Vs Sting (Grandslam 11) - The Rubber Match - The End of a 10 Year Long Feud.
    6. Jon Moxley (c) Vs Kevin Steen (c) (Grandslam 12) - World Title Unification Matchup
    7. Undertaker Vs Sting (Grandslam 2)
    8. Colt Cabana Vs William Regal (Grandslam 12)
    9. Shawn Michaels (c) Vs Triple H (Grandslam 7)
    10. Ric Flair Vs Kurt Angle (Grandslam 1)
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