The Survivor Series PPV was mostly praised by the fans but it appears that the current AEW World Champion Chris Jericho did not find a segment of the show very amusing.

Jericho recently joined Konnan for his Keepin it 100 podcast where he talked about things like the difference between WWE and AEW and more.

When asked about Survivor Series, the Le Champion admitted watching the show but he went on to criticize a segment between Daniel Bryan and The Miz from the event, calling it “cartoonish in a bad way”:

“I watched Survivor Series, it was really good, but there was this promo with The Miz and Daniel Bryan and Miz saying for the sake of our children and our families you have to stop The Fiend. Nobody talks like that.

You can still put the guy over big time, but what is he going to do, break into your house? Steal your kids? It’s just not believable. It’s cartoonish in a bad way,”

Chris Jericho also talked about the creative process of AEW, revealing that he has been very involved with all the work he has done for the company so far which wouldn’t have been possible with WWE.

Apart from this, the AEW Champion talked about Roman Reigns and weighed in on how the Big Dog might do in the upstart promotion.