Matt Hardy, who has been wrestling for around three decades now, has always adapted himself to the changes in the wrestling world and kept himself relevant by incorporating different gimmicks and character changes.

A 14-time world tag team champion, Matt has seen it all and has a lot of knowledge and insight about the world of professional wrestling. He was recently asked in an interview with Fightful if he is open to help out younger wrestlers figure themselves out and find their way. Hardy said that he is open to it, even though it is not his job right now.

ďYeah, a little. Thatís not really my job or capacity now, but thereís times Iím definitely open to giving my insight or my opinion if someone is interested in having it. And I have a good grasp on that. I understand what professional wrestling is at its core. Itís a competition and you really need to get this bad guy that you want to have some sort of one up on the good guy, and see the good guy overcome the odds. And thatís wrestling at its core. And when you have great athletes you make amazing matches.Ē

Apart from the characters in wrestling, Matt added that variety in programming keeps viewers invested in the product too. He named the Cruiserweight division and the 24/7 title picture as examples.

ďBut then thereís also stuff that is attractions and thereís stuff thatís variety. And there can be a cruiserweight division. The 24/7 thing is super entertaining. I think thatís great variety for the show as well. Itís all entertainment when itís all said and done. And I think if you have variety, thatís what it takes to keep viewers invested now for a long amount of time,Ē said Hardy.Ē

Matt has also started a YouTube series called Free The Delete which is focused on his Broken character. The series is produced by Matt on his own and WWE is not involved in its production. It has recently been reported that Mattís time with WWE is up and Matt is discussing a new deal with the company officials.