Speaking on the debut episode of their new podcast The New Day: Feel the Power, the members of The New Day shared an amusing Vince McMahon story when the group was formed a little over five years ago.

The New Day members reflected back on the time when they saw Vince McMahon behave in a way they had never seen before.

When The New Day revealed what their theme music was going to be to Vince McMahon, Xavier Woods said that Vince started tapping his foot when he heard the faction’s entrance theme.

“I remember it was us four and Road Dogg in there, and he [Vince] was just tapping his foot,” Woods recalled.

Kofi Kingston added that Mr. McMahon was tapping his foot loudly and that Big E thought that it was a joke.

“I had to bite my bottom lip. I thought it was a joke,” Big E said.

According to Kingston, it was an incredible sight to behold. He iterated that no one has seen the Chairman dance like that before. “I had never seen Vince McMahon dance like this. You’ve never seen this man dance like this. You’ve never seen him… It was incredible.”

On the podcast, The New Day also discussed how their group was formed and how it was compared to the ’90s stable the Nation of Domination in its infancy.