Ronda Rousey has kept busy in her post-WWE life. In addition to acting roles and performing as a cast member on Total Divas, Rousey keeps her YouTube page active with videos of her various adventures.

In her latest video, Ronda travels with Travis Browne and her sister Julia to Yosemite and Oregon Lake. During the trip, Rousey and Browne decided to play a rather cruel prank on her sister.

“So apparently whenever Julia (Ronda’s sister) is sprinting for soccer, she sometimes sprints and it ends up being a sprint to the bathroom because whenever she sprints she feels like she’s got to take a s**t,” Ronda said. “So, Travis has made it his mission in life to make Julia sprint during this trip.”

At around the 8-minute mark in the video, the camera flips on and Travis Browne is laughing pretty hard at something. It turns out Browne was successful in getting Julia to sprint.

“Sprint Julia sprint!” Browne evidently yelled during this experience.

It is unclear what the impact was on Julia’s digestive system. She explained to both Ronda and Travis that she wasn’t laughing, however, so they were not laughing “with her.”

Rousey also sings a song about tectonic plates and the many geographic features of the park during the video. Ronda and Julia lost their father at a young age. On the trip, they connected with their Uncle and also went to Oregon Lake where their father used to fish.

Come along on me and @travisbrownemma’s #impregnationvacation through the narrative of my interning little sister @juliadmars! check the link to hang out with us at Yosemite, Tahoe, Diamond Lake, on the road and more!

— Ronda Rousey (@RondaRousey) December 3, 2019