All Elite Wrestling announced on Monday that Hikaru Shida will wrestle with Kris Statlander in a one on one match. When Cody was hyping this matchup on Twitter, a fan replied to him and said that no one, not even Jim Ross knows who both of these women are.

Cody replied and pointed out that both Shida and Statlander are talented women and that they have been on AEW’s shows before. Shida is in fact at the first position on AEW Power Rankings as of this writing.

Both these talented women have been on the show before. Shida is in the top-5.

— Cody Rhodes (@CodyRhodes) December 2, 2019

A fan then resorted to calling Meltzer Cody’s “boy”, implying that AEW follows the Wrestling Observer and makes their decisions influenced by it. Cody denied that and then the fan replied saying that maybe Cody is not a Meltzer guy, but the owner Tony Khan is, and he is “listening him into the ground.”

Why am I tagged in this friend?

I’m not Meltzer(he’s been equally critically of me…remember all in and how it started ha?). I’m also not my dad.

No need to stir up drama on a random Monday night. This is a beautiful time to be a wrestler and a fan. Do the work & have fun.
— Cody Rhodes (@CodyRhodes) December 3, 2019

Cody explained that the accusation is nonsense and that their entire infrastructure is public. He added that AEW will rise and fall on their own merit. “That’s nonsense,” wrote Cody.

That’s nonsense. Our entire infrastructure is public. Who’s doing what and so forth. I know that’s a “brand” narrative, but it’s 100% not accurate. We will rise or fall based on our own merit. The right way.

— Cody Rhodes (@CodyRhodes) December 3, 2019

You know that I’m the actual human being in the actual company having a polite discourse and telling you what’s real right ha?

There’s not much more I can do than that.

— Cody Rhodes (@CodyRhodes) December 3, 2019

As reported earlier, WWE’s NXT beat out AEW in the “total viewership” department. AEW had the edge in the Adults 18-49 demographic and actually bested NXT in every demographic group except Adults 50+.