Ring of Honor is said to have tabled a substantial offer to Marty Scurll recently. According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Scurll is being offered “WWE main roster” money to work only 40 days per year with ROH.

“We had heard Scurll was being offered a better deal than the one Matt Taven signed for,” wrote Dave Meltzer. Taven is reported to have received an offer from ROH worth double what NXT wrestlers in WWE make.

“We don’t have it confirmed that he signed it,” Meltzer wrote of Scurll’s contract offer. “It’s a great deal as it’s basically WWE main roster money while only working maybe 40 dates per year for ROH and certain unique perks.”

ROH is advertising Scurll for their February 9th, 2020 free show “Free Enterprise.”

Scurll also appeared for the NWA during the tapings held after their recent PPV.

Cody Rhodes commented on Marty's free-agency:

“Marty is going to do what Marty is going to do,” Cody said recently to Talk Sport. “We all love Marty. Anything he does in the next few weeks or months, I wouldn’t look at as permanent for him. He’s very much testing the waters here and there and that’s pretty much all I can say on Marty.”